Snoopy in Space, the latest bid from Apple TV+ for a spot in your ever-ballooning streaming budget, dropped its first trailer on Wednesday. It’s a short peak into the Peanuts franchise’s latest incarnation — and it’s frustratingly adorable.

Peanuts is the creation of the late Charles M. Shulz: a 1950s era comic strip featuring the lovingly gullible Charlie Brown and pals, including Linus, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, and Pig Pen. Chief among them is Charliw Brown’s seemingly omnipresent canine companion, Snoopy, whose latest TV series takes him to the one place he’s never been: space.

Lined up perfectly with the Apollo 11 anniversary, this teaser gives us a first look at the beagle braver than any who came before. “It’s been 50 years since the first man walked on the Moon,” the trailer begins, “now it’s a dog’s turn.” According to ScreenRant, the show kicks off as the Peanuts find themselves on a field trip to NASA with Snoopy and Woodstock in tow. Through the magic of cartoons, the two friends are chosen for a space mission while Charlie Brown and the members of the Peanuts crew with opposable thumbs find themselves in the NASA control booth.

Apple TV+ isn’t live yet, but, with a fall release date, it seems that Snoopy in Space will be among its first available wave of shows. Till then, check out the teaser below.