On Monday, Apple debuted the first trailer for its upcoming prestige seriesFor All Mankind. It’s an alternate history series that begins with the premise that Americans lose the space race to Russia. Ronald D. Moore, series developer and Battlestar Galactica showrunner, runs with that concept. He says the show’s core asks “what would have happened if the global space race had never ended?”
The trailer itself doesn’t hide that question. For All Mankind is rife with drama, both political and personal. Over a few minutes, the Americans discover water on the moon, plan to build a lunar base and a woman makes a bid to become one of the country’s first astronauts. “We’re going to Mars, Saturn, the stars – the galaxy,” one man says.
The show’s ambition is matched by Apple’s streaming plans. The service, called Apple TV Plus, is set to include a massive array of programming including prestige drama like For All Mankind, comedy, children’s shows, thrillers, documentaries and just about anything else you’re hungry to see. At this point, this is the show Apple has revealed the most about. Admittedly though, attaching a name like Moore makes it difficult not to be excited.
For All Mankind releases this fall, along with the Apple TV Plus streaming service.