The Hall H panel “A Conversation with the Russo Brothers” had barely begun before moderator Steve Weintraub of Collider pulled out the big gun questions that everyone has probably been wondering: Will Joe and Anthony Russo ever return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after completing Avengers: Endgame, and would they consider directing a movie based on Marvel’s Secret Wars series?

The Beat‘s Entertainment Editor and roving Comic-Con reporter Hannah Lodge was there to capture their non-committal but still positive response.

“Twist my arm,” Joe Russo responded to the question. “That was a favorite book of ours growing up. I think we mentioned a few times how much we loved Secret Wars. I read the whole series in one sitting when I was twelve.”

“Our run at Marvel was among the best creative times we’ve ever had,” his brother Anthony chimed in. “We would love to work with Marvel again and maybe at some point in the future, if that makes sense, and maybe that’s on Secret Wars, so we’ll see.”

So that’s definitely not the “No, we’re done with Marvel forever now that we’re rich and never have to work again!!!” answer that I would have given if I was one of the Russo Brothers.

Look for more from the Russos later and from the rest of the Hall H panels over the next couple days.


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