The re-launch of the X-Men post- House of X and Powers of X, which debut next week, has been shrouded in mystery for months now. What the X-line will look like after both those books have reached their conclusion is yet to be seen, but a day ahead of Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel at SDCC, HOX-POX scribe Jonathan Hickman tweeted out a cipher with symbols supposedly leading to something — like the Dawn of X news Marvel teased earlier this week.

A few hours after the post, it seems like X-Men Twitter has cracked the case. Hickman’s cipher seems to reveal six words:

  • XMEN

Obviously, these could be titles for the new X-line, but we don’t know for sure. The cracked code on its own might not mean much, but considering that yesterday Senior X-Men Editor Jordan D. White appeared to confirm that there will be six titles in the re-launch, it seems like we have our answer.

That said, Marvel always has tricks up its sleeve, and the official announcement for Dawn of X isn’t until Saturday. For more information, tune into Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel tomorrow at 1:45 pm PST and stay tuned to The Beat for continuing coverage at SDCC!