San Diego Comic-Con International is in full swing and it’s only Friday, but fans of the CW’s superhero shows were probably looking forward to the first San Diego appearance by Ruby Rose in advance of her upcoming Batwoman show, in which she plays Kate Kane, the first lesbian superhero to star in her own show.

Unfortunately, Rose isn’t able to make it to Comic-Con this year, and she posted a video on her Instagram channel explaining the reason why she has to bow out of the two panels, including the Ballroom 20 screening of the show’s pilot planned for Saturday morning. Rose was also expected to turn up for one of the other “Arrowverse” panels in Ballroom 20 on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m not going to be there, which stinks a lot, but just know that we tried everything that we could humanly to be there. It wasn’t until really now that we realized there wasn’t any other way to finish this episode, this ambitious episode that we’re doing, and create this amazing show that really is special,” she says in the video, ending it by thanking the fans for their support and promising to make it up to them.

I’m sure this will be rather disappointing to many who were looking forward to interacting with an actor who is sure to help change the conversation and offer inspiration to young LGBTQ comic fans.

Rose’s Batwoman made her debut during last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover involving the entire Arrowverse, the CW’s own branch of the DC, and she will also be a part of this year’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover in December and January.

Batwoman will air on the CW starting October 6, and considering that’s towards the tail end of this year’s New York Comic-Con, maybe Ruby Rose can make it up to fans there.