Welcome back to The Beat‘s weekly crowdfunding comics round-up! Comics creators and publishers are converging in San Diego this week for San Diego Comic-Con, but there are still plenty of new comics to support on Kickstarter and you don’t even have to stand in line. Each week we’ll spotlight comics projects we think would be a great investment, whether it’s a one-shot story or a sprawling anthology. This week even includes Bun & Tea, a new serial comics magazine.

Let’s get going!

1. BUN & TEA #1

Bun & Tea

Goal: $4981 USD
Ends: Thursday, August 15 2019 2:52 PM EST
Creators: Anthology through Bleating Heart Press
Best Value Tier: $5 USD for a 65-page PDF
BUN & TEA is approximately 65 pages long per month (that’s about three times the usual length of an American monthly issue), but—! It’s a magazine! So while B&T has plenty of comics stories (50 of those pages will contain graphic narrative), it comes with all the magazine-y trimmings. Like a quiz. Who doesn’t want a quiz?

BUN & TEA is something that hasn’t been seen for a minute in comics: a full-blown magazine containing single installments of several serialized stories. Curated by editorial powerhouse Claire Napier, BUN & TEA features a dozen stories by creators like Kumail Rizvi and Nick Morino, along with more traditional entertainment magazine content, like quizzes. The Kickstarter is for the first issue of a potential six-series run. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of this one — it should be an excellent project. At the very least, please watch the incredible introductory video and pledge a dollar in appreciation.

You can back the campaign here.

2. Women Do Not Creep By Daylight: A Ghost Story

Goal: $12,500 USD
Ends: Fri, August 23 2019, 6:00 PM EST.
Creators: Vera Greentea, Kyla Vanderklugt through Greentea Publishing
Best Value Tier: $3 USD for a digital copy, $20 USD plus shipping for a digital and print copy, and a door hanger. Both tiers include a wallpaper and a digital sketchbook.
After her father is killed in the line of duty, Kate and her mom are forced to find work. They soon find themselves hired by the Lady of Castle Carrickdain, to work in an old ruin rumored to be haunted by a ghost with a backwards head… If you enjoy gothic horror about a castle ruined by its own dark secrets, come check out our comic WOMEN DO NOT CREEP BY DAYLIGHT.

Even just the preview images for this one-shot comic are eerie and a little unnerving. Women Do Not Creep By Daylight feels like it’s from a different era in a way that’s fitting for a haunted house tale — there should always be something a little strange and out-of-time. The art is gorgeous and Greentea Publishing is an experienced crowdfunding publisher, plus the idea of a spooky door hanger reward is too fun to pass up.

You can back the campaign here.

3. Worst Job Ever #1

Goal: $3700 USD
Ends: Saturday, August 10, 2019 8:55 PM EST
Creators: Denny Connolly, Sloane Leong
Best Value Tier: $3 USD a digital copy, $12 USD plus shipping for a physical copy and sticker pack
While Nemo’s friends are heading off to become witches, band managers, and astronauts; she’s stuck working the overnight at a public library where she battles monsters, spirits, and nihilistic philosophers who attempt to break their way out of novels. It doesn’t pay well, but at least she gets out of late fees.

First and foremost you should do yourself a favor and purchase anything by Sloane Leong, written or illustrated. Leong is a stellar artist with an eye for color and framing, and her expressive art paired with writer Denny Connolly’s delightfully weird premise is a perfect fit. Though Connolly notes there’s potential for future issues, this is a self-contained story in its own right, and it looks like it’ll be a fun one.

You can back the campaign here.

4. Cognition: Volume One

Goal: $3731 USD
Ends: Sunday, August 11 2019 9:30 AM EST
Creators: Ken Reynolds, Sam Bentley
Best Value Tier: $5 USD for a PDF, $25 plus shipping for a physical copy, PDF, and metal bookmark hook
This tale recounts the exploits of a steam-powered automaton with a human soul and a demonically possessed mouse. They are spiritually linked, and cannot escape each other. Using their shared demonic power they battle ghouls and monsters for The British Occult Secret Service (B.O.S.S.), under the eye of spymaster magician Silas Pope, at the height of the Golden age of the Victorian Era.

If you’re a Hellboy fan you may enjoy Cognition’s slightly more vintage take on the genre. Reynolds’ script has a dry wit to it, and Bentley strikes a skillful balance between the spooky supernatural premise and Reynolds’ humor. Part of what makes this campaign so appealing is that you can read a full issue for free to see if it strikes your fancy, and the unique backer rewards — the metal bookmark hook is a gorgeous and clever offering, and available as its own tier even if you decide against buying the full collection.

You can back the campaign here.

5. BURN Chapter 2

Goal: $30000 USD
Ends: Saturday, July 27 2019 3:29 PM EST
Creators: Amanda Johnson, Jacob Bouvet
Best Value Tier: $10 USD plus shipping for physical and digital copies of BURN 1 and 2
BURN is an ongoing, romance, drama comic from Amanda Johnson and Jacob Bouvet. This campaign is for a print edition of the already complete second chapter of the story. BURN is the story of Ben and Charlie, a gay couple in the 1950s. After the violent encounter with a couple of good-old-boys in the last issue, our couple and their compatriots find themselves on the run with the law not far behind.

BURN is another campaign with the added benefit of a free preview. This is the second installment of a digital-first LINE Webtoon series, meaning you can head back to the beginning and see if the series is for you before you pledge for the collected editions (which are perfect for binge-readers like me). Amanda Johnson’s art is immediately engrossing in its warmth and emotiveness; it’s definitely worth giving the series a look.

You can back the campaign here.

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