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Crowdfunding Comics Round-Up: BUN & TEA, Worst Job Ever, and 3...

Five comics projects you can back right now!

Philadelphia’s BloodMilk Art Book Fair embraces its Goth identity for an...

BloodMilk's first annual Art Book Fair brought goth and comics together for an event that showcased local talent in both dimensions.

How MIDSOMMAR takes from comics to create its full-color horror

Does Midsommar take a page from horror comics to create its full color horror scenes? Read on to see just how terrifying brightly colored horror can be.

Master of Horror JOHN CARPENTER to co-write Joker story for DC

The director of Halloween will take on the JOKER for DC's Year of the Villain Event! Also, what would a peak John Carpenter Joker movie look like?

Crowdfunding Comics Round-Up: Missed Connection And 3 other projects we love

Four comics projects you can help come to life right now!

Green Card Voices seeking artists to illustrate immigrant stories for new...

The anthology from the non-profit organization will feature twelve different stories written by immigrants and refugees.

Interview: Danny Lore is a creative force to be reckoned with...

The Beat interviews Danny Lore to talk about the Vault series Queen of Bad Dreams, science fiction, and brown agency.

Australian Police Seize Drugs From Comic Books Used in Smuggling Ring

More than one million dollars of drugs were discovered inside comic book issues

Alexis Gideon’s UPGRADE SOUL soundtrack to get a special vinyl release...

UPGRADE SOUL's soundtrack, composed by Alexis Gideon, will have a special vinyl release this fall, in both black vinyl and orange and red translucent vynil, courtesy of FPE Records.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund offering a FREE webinar on LGBTQ...

On June 12, CBLDF will host a free webinar on LGBTQ comics censorship and how to fight it.

Graphic Novel TK Episode 30: Teachers

Cathy G. Johnson talks about using comics in the classroom.

Interview: Puerto Rico Comic Con showrunner Ricardo Carrión on crafting the...

The Beat catches up with Ricardo Carrión, PRCC's showrunner, for a phone interview on the convention's 17th year on the convention scene and how it's crafted its "criollo" identity.