The Invincible Season 2 finale debuted today featuring an epic battle between the titular character also known as Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) and the villainous Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown). Fans of the comic will know the episode, written by by Invincible co-creator Robert Kirkman, draws heavily from issue #33 where Mark is transported to various dimensions.

Spoilers below!

During his time at Marvel, Kirkman featured a crossover between his creation and Spider-Man in the pages of 2004’s Marvel Team-Up #14 as Mark is sent into the Marvel Universe.

When fans discovered that voice actor Josh Keaton, who had previously voiced the web-slinger in the fan-favorite animated series Spectacular Spider-Man, would be appearing in Invincible Season 2, speculation began that the series would feature an animated crossover between Spidey and Invincible despite Kirkman shooting down the rumors. With the Invincible Season 2 finale out today, Keaton’s character has finally been revealed and the original speculation is not that far off.

Just like in the original comic, Mark Grayson finds himself transported to another superhero universe but rather than finding Spider-Man and Doc Ock, he lands in the middle of a fight between Agent Spider and Prof Ock. In a clever nod to the recent Spider-Verse films, and proliferation of multiverse stories in general, Agent Spider remarks about having too much experience with other dimensions “especially lately.”

As Kirkman discussed in our interview with him at NYCC last October regarding the show’s approach to the multiverse:

We’re doing multiverse stuff extremely differently than what everyone else is doing. A lot of the other multiverse stories are about bringing in sandboxes of days old and having actors coming back to reprise roles that you are dying to see them play again. We aren’t doing any of that. There aren’t previous iterations of Invincible that could come in and show up. Unfortunately, try as I might there’s no Michael Keaton Invincible. We’re doing it more as a character study. We’re having Angstrom Levy be Invincible’s villain at a time when he is worried about who he might be at his core. Angstrom Levy is capable of showing him glimpses of other versions of himself that may reflect the horrors that he is worried that is inside of him. It’s a more character based dramatic way of exploring the multiverse.