Through the mystical door and into another adventure SCARLET WITCH #1 returns to Wanda Maximoff’s solo adventures. Writer Steve Orlando is back to script alongside X-Men Red artist Jacopo Camagni. The comic comes with its unique set of variant covers by legendary artist P. Craig Russell and a new piece from best-selling cover artist Jenny Frison whose artworks below look rather impressive. Especially the hidden gem foil variant which will likely be a unique collectible owners will seek to buy.

The series returns after having celebrated a limited-run 60th-anniversary series for Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver. In SCARLET WITCH #1, Wanda Maximoff has returned to her upstate base of operations to resume her duties as a hero to the helpless. Whenever someone in dire need of a hero or when a desperate voice calls out when all hope is lost, Wanda comes to their protection. All via a mystical doorway to save the day. Whatever the trouble. No matter the cost.

The series is a very Doctor Who type of approach to the heroine. Atop this, because all of this is tied to magic, the stakes always seem kind of high. Magic always comes at a cost. Which is why fans are excited to see what chaos unfolds in this next iteration. 

“The news is out and I couldn’t be more excited!” Orlando shared in a previous press release. “SCARLET WITCH has been a dream job, and getting to return to her once again and continue Wanda’s adventures is something I could never say no to. And Wanda’s going to keep climbing! Here, we’ll be bringing the blockbuster storytelling of SCARLET WITCH AND QUICKSILVER to the focused, personal journey Wanda began in DARKHOLD and SCARLET WITCH. And standing in her way? Only one of Marvel’s most powerful and climactic entities bent on destroying everything Wanda stands for.”

SCARLET WITCH #1 – 75960620828900111





Hidden Gem Foil Variant Cover by P. CRAIG RUSSELL – 75960620828900141


Variant Cover by JENNY FRISON – 75960620828900121

Virgin Variant Cover by JENNY FRISON – 75960620828900116

On Sale 6/12