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The Retailer’s View // The Revenge of The Walking Dead

The end of The Walking Dead has brought a lot of anxiety to the comic industry — but why?

THE WALKING DEAD springs a surprise end on readers today with...

The move comes after Image solicited several months of new THE WALKING DEAD comics to fake out readers.

Universal to adapt Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song

Get ready for a trip into Oblivion.

Robert Kirkman Talks This Week’s THE WALKING DEAD Twist & #192...

The Walking Dead claims another victim.

THE WALKING DEAD #191 headed back for a second printing

The issue, which ends on a "game-changing" cliffhanger, was released yesterday.

A meteor is headed for Earth, and THE WALKING DEAD’s creator...

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment will team with Entertainment One on a new global TV series called 5 Year, which is set in the pre-apocalypse times before said meteor strikes and destroys the planet.

Kirkman and Silvestri creation STELLAR gets trade collection in January

The story follows an intergalactic bounty hunter who was taken as a child and turned into an ultimate weapon as she now wanders the world she broke looking for peace and redemption.

NYCC ’18: Kirkman & Azaceta’s “Outcast” to End Next Year

Fresh from the cancellation of the Outcast TV series by Cinemax after two seasons, Robert Kirkman announced as part of a panel today that...

Piloting Human Bodies Like They Were Drones – Hardcore #1

What happens when the body snatchers get snatched?

SDCC ’18: Skybound Entertainment Unveils DIE!DIE!DIE! Figures, More New Merchandise

Toys, Pins, Shirts, and more among Skybound's SDCC Exclusives!