Do you know what a “Snowpiercer” is?

Well, if you’re as big a fan of Asian cinema as I am, you’ve known about Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho for a long time, maybe going back to his giant monster movie The Host or maybe even his previous film Memories of Murder.

Over the past few years, Director Bong has become one of the most popular filmmakers out of South Korea — sorry, Park Chan-wook — partially because he has branched into working with American stars like Chris EvansTilda SwintonJake Gyllenhaal and more.

That partially began in 2013 when Director Bong adapted the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige into a movie called Snowpiercer, which found him more of an American fanbase despite the attempted tampering of a certain studio exec. who will remain nameless. The movie starred the aforementioned Evans and Swinton as well as John HurtJamie BellOctavia Spencer and many more.

It was a pretty cool concept for the sci-fi movie and comic, involving a very, very long train speeding down the tracks in which the last vestiges of humanity are traveling with there being a class system with the poor people in back and the rich people up front … much like modern air travel.

Sounds like a pretty good idea for a television show, right? Apparently, TBS thought so, and they went ahead and started developing one with showrunner Josh Friedman and Doctor Strange director Scott Derickson directing the pilot and exec. producing. Director Bong is also on board as a producer as is his Korean colleague director Park!

The cast includes Daveed Diggs from HamiltonJennifer ConnellyMickey Sumner as well as Annalise Basso, Sasha Frolova, Alison Wright, Benjamin Haigh and more.

You can watch the first trailer in the link below.