Remember that scene in the Transformers: The Movie? The one where Unicron evolves Megatron into Galvatron? I’m sure you can even hear the music playing in your head as you think of it. Well, Super7 is bringing that scene to life in the form of an exclusive action figure, Super Cyborg Megatron, for SDCC 2019.

Super Cyborg Megatron Packaging

Available at the Super7 booth at SDCC is The Transformers Super Cyborg Megatron. Standing 12 inches tall, Megatron is cartoon accurate in his detailing. The figure mimics the scene where Unicron revives Megatron and upgrades him into Galvatron. The packaging for the figure impresses, and has a Japanese design to it. The box comes in Decepticon purple, with a clear window in front for those of you who liking displaying your toys mint-in-box. But you’ll need to take Megatron out of the box to see him in his full glory. Billed as an X-Ray Action Figure, Megatron features a mostly translucent body, a fusion cannon and a removable chestplate. Super Cyborg Megatron’s inner torso is fully painted, making it possible to see his robotic innards, and even touch them after you remove his chestplate.

Super Cyborg Megatron

Between this Megatron and the previously announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Box set, Super7 is going to be a must-stop by booth at SDCC 2019. So be sure to check them out early if you want access to their show exclusives.