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SDCC ’19: All Hail Super Cyborg Megatron at Super7

Catch the Decepticon leader mid-transformation into Galvatron at SDCC.

Transformers: TCG Gets Devastated!

The OG Decepticon Combiner Devastator hits the decks of Transformers: TCG

WonderCon ’19: IDW’s New Transformers Comic Prepares for War

The publisher panel talked anniversary variants, new characters, and a crossover with the Ghostbusters.

The 80s Are Alive and Well at Super7’s Toy Fair 2019...

Hordak and the Horde are invading Super7's ReAction lineup. And so is Mr. Met?!?

Review: BUMBLEBEE is your best bet this holiday weekend (if you’ve...

Forget Aquaman or Mary Poppins Returns, this is where it's at!

SDCC ‘18: Hasbro’s latest TRANSFORMERS toys feature Bumblebee film promos

At SDCC, Hasbro debuted some gorgeous new Transformers toys-- and we have a first look

INTERVIEW: James Roberts Gears up for his 100-Issue Spanning, Universe-Ending TRANSFORMERS:...

The Transformers writer speaks about the playing the long game.

Trailer: The Transformers franchise gets its first spin-off with BUMBLEBEE

The year's most unlikely blockbuster gets its first trailer

Weekend Digital Comics Sales Round-Up – More Inconsistent Pricing Between Comixology...

You really do need to keep an eye on both Amazon and Comixology when it comes to price. Only looking at one will not do.