Friday morning, I sat down with my Spider-Man cup pint of tea to get a leisurely start before heading to work. Flipping open the Omaha World-Herald, I discovered this headline:

Mistaken as demonic by Lincoln woman, Spider-Man sculpture actually has Christian history

As the Lincoln mother drove down one of the city’s main thoroughfares, a new sculpture outside the Lincoln Children’s Zoo appeared to her as a set of hands signaling the devil’s horns.

Red and black like the devil. And fingers bent to make the devil’s horns.

Turns out, the sculpture, depicting Spider-Man’s hands spinning a web, is part of a series of public sculptures, similar to Zürich’s cow parade and St. Paul’s “Snoopies”. The sculptor, Ian Laing of Third Nail Creations, found his calling in church during a Good Friday sermon.

If you’re in Lincoln before October (the zoo where the sculpture is located, football, Morrill Hall, UNL’s Government Comics Collection), there’s a map of the various sculptures. Spider-Man is #5. An auction to benefit Campus Life will occur on October 25th at the Pinnacle Arena in Lincoln.

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