Late last week, Kymera Press announced its upcoming slate of new releases just in time for SDCC, including single issues as well as collections. Kymera Press is one of few women-owned publishers in the industry – and it waves that flag proudly. It was founded for the explicit purpose of making a space for women in a medium dominated by men.

Kymera Press’ mission statement reads, in part, “so our mission, one for which we are surely NOT asking permission, is to give women creators and artists a venue where they can create the women-friendly comics that both men and women can enjoy. In doing so, we promise to portray our female characters in a realistic fashion, without relying on impossible (and sometimes quite ridiculous) physical characteristics to get a reader’s attention.”

Continuing this tradition, Kymera Press has a slew of new content for fans coming to SDCC.

Pet Noir, one of the publisher’s flagship titles, gets its sixth and final issue and a trade paperback, collecting the entire planned series. This book follows a genetically-engineered cat named Leon who also happens to be an undercover cop. In space. And he solves crimes! Happily, Anne Toole, the writer of this charming series will also be available for signings at the Kymera Press Booth. The series is penciled by Anna Giovanni, inked by Laurie Foster, colored by Liezl Buenaventura and lettered by Saida Temofonte.

Pet Noir

Pet Noir

Kymera Press’ inaugural series pushes onward with the release of Gates of Midnight Volume 2, collecting issues #5-8. Because of a recent lung transplant series’ writer and Kymera founder Debbie Lynn Smith has been on hiatus, but promises she’s begun working on completing the final four issues. The story follows Raven, a veteran combat medic who served in Afghanistan. On her return to New York, she discovers she’ll have to battle monsters on the streets and in her own mind. Smith writes that this next arc “delves a bit deeper in the sad effects of PTSD on the fragile human psyche,” and will also be available for signings.

Gates of Midnight

The all-ages series, Dragons by the Yard debuts its fourth issue this SDCC. Series’ protagonist, Anna, is a California sewer who accidentally knits a brood of living dragons after purchasing some enchanted fabric. Writer Kelly Swails will be at SDCC for signings.

Dragons by the Yard

Nancy Holder, six-time Bram Stoker award winner, is next on the list as she continues her horror series, Mary Shelley Presents. Each issue in this series retells a different Victorian horror story; “issue #1 brought Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Old Nurse’s Story to life. Issue #2 gave us Edith Nesbit’s Man-Size in Marble, and with the upcoming issue #3 adapts Margaret Strickland’s The Case of Sir Alistir Moeran. Holder will also make an SDCC appearance for signings.

Mary Shelley Presents

Another adaptation and just as eagerly awaited, Ivory Ghosts sees its second issue after more than a year long hiatus. Dr. Caitlin O’Connell retells her story of researching elephants in Namibia, highlighting the dangers of ivory trade all against the backdrop of a murder mystery. In addition to the announcement of the series’ continuation, Kymera Press also announces that Ivory Ghosts is available now at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s exhibit on the African Bush Elephant in Washington DC in the museum shop.

Ivory Ghosts

Kymera Press is setting up shop at Booth 2003 at this year’s SDCC. If you’re unable to attend, but still want to get your hands on these titles, have no fear. Kymera promises that all these books will be available online – as soon as the team recovers from con season.