Aloy’s story continues past the credits thanks to the newly announced Horizon Zero Dawn comic from Titan.

Based on the 2017 PS4 game, Horizon Zero Dawn garnered critical and fan acclaim for its storytelling, character work and especially its worldbuilding, earning it the Writers Guild of America Award for Achievement in Videogame Writing and the 2018 BAFTA Games Award for Original Property. It’s only appropriate then that Anne Toole, who wrote the game and earned those awards, takes on writing duties for the story. She’s joined by artist Ann Maulina, who fans of indie games will recognize as the cover artist from Coffee Talk.

The post-post-apocalytpic world of Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with robotic fauna and tribal humans existing thousands of years after a global catastrophe disrupted our current status quo. Now, in the upcoming comic, readers will follow Talanah, a hunter and ally from the game, as she searches for protagonist Aloy following her disappearance after the game’s climax. Together, they discover the robot threat isn’t over – and has potentially grown even worse.

Check out Maulina’s coverwork on the upcoming FCBD Horizon Zero Dawn comic as well as the Stanley “Artgerm” Lau cover for the series’ first official issue. The Horizon Zero Dawn comic hits shelves this July from Titan, a publisher known for adapting video games such as Bloodborne.

horizon zero dawn comic
Art by Ann Maulina
horizon zero dawn comic
Art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau