Welcome back Studio Coffee Folks! Bruce Willis is here to beat up some thugs with a trailer for his apparently still upcoming thriller, Survive the Night.

ICYMI, here are some more of yesterday’s big entertainment headlines, too:

New Amsterdam is citing more facts, less fiction in episode rescheduling

The NBC hospital drama New Amsterdam is skipping one of its upcoming episodes because it focuses on a fictional flue pandemic. Noting the current situation around COVID-19, NBC has opted to pull that episode (which was even titled “Pandemic” at one point). It would’ve aired on April 7, just before the April 14 season finale. In a statement, series creator David Schumer said “I am a writer of fiction. But if I may say, the world needs a lot less fiction right now, and a lot more facts.” And, hey, I’ve never watched the show, but that’s a respectable stance to take. In lieu of the pandemic-centric episode, NBC will air reruns.

COVID-19 isn’t stopping film acquisitions

STXfilms has acquired Scott Cooper’s next film, A Head Full of Ghosts. Based on the novel by Paul Trembly, the horror movie follows a young woman as she tells a journalist the story of her family’s public division following her teenage sister’s strange affliction 20 years ago. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Margaret Qualley stars, with additional casting still ongoing. Cooper, meanwhile, adapts the prose for the screen.

Following SXSW (or the lack thereof), Neon grabbed She Dies Tomorrow, the apocalyptic thriller from Amy Seimetz (Sun Don’t Shine). Kate Lyn Sheil stars in a story about a woman who can’t seem to shake the idea that tomorrow, she’s doing to die. That notion begins damaging her mental state intensely and later, her friend (Jane Adams) discovers that it’s even contagious. From there, both haunted by their imminent deaths, the story kicks off.

Bruce Willis versus a home invasion in Survive the Night

Lionsgate’s upcoming thriller, Survive the Night, got its first trailer yesterday. Bruce Willis stars with Chad Michael Murray as a father and son whose family are taken hostage by criminals demanding medical attention. From the looks of things, in spite Willis’ character having some sort of medical condition, he and his doctor son kick the baddies out of their house pretty efficiently. Matt Eskandari (12 Feet Deep) directs while Doug Wolfe (The Long Night) writes. Survive the Night is opening in select theaters on May 22 (???) and on demand.

Reggie Watts has a better social media app

For your own sanity, and especially if you’re a Comedy Bang Bang fan, please check out Reggie Watts’ video debuting his new app, WattsApp. The comedian/musician is, like many of us, sick of social media apps profiting off of collecting our data, so he’s created his own solution. Anyone who downloads this totally real app will see exclusive content before Watts releases it to the public, livestreams, and even the ability to buy any of Watts’ unwanted and/or outdated tech. Give yourself some dopamine, watch the short video (it’s an AV Club exclusive so you’ll have to follow the link) and give Watts a download while you wait to see him again on the Late Late Show.

Seth MacFarlane must be bored because he’s making a Family Guy podcast

Family Guy’s Stewie and Brian are getting ansty – which is to say Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is getting antsy because he’s started using his Instagram account to create a podcast put on by the two characters, which you can check out above.