As you may have noticed, there were a lot of stories coming out of NYCC.  Here’s a convenient list of what we covered, separated by publisher.


Archie Vs… Predator? 

Archie’s Dark Circle Line Gives Out A Little More Info


Dark Horse

NYCC’14: CCP Games Enlist Dark Horse Comics For EVE: VALKYRIE

NYCC’14: Dark Horse Announces New Goon

NYCC’14: Dark Horse Announces GUN THEORY Hardcover

NYCC’14: Dark Horse Announce Tale of Tropical Epicness

Interview: Dark Horse Publish Sally Heathcote, Suffragette GN – Kate Charlesworth, Artist, Speaks!

NYCC’14: Dark Horse Announces Kabuki Collection

Dark Horse collects Matt Kindt’s Pistolwhip

NYCC’14: Dark Horse Continues Super Week Announcements With RESIDENT ALIEN

NYCC ’14: Dark Horse announces exclusives



 NYCC’14: “DC Digital First” New Titles Announced



Dynamite Acquires Mage Wars License, Launches With Prose Novel

Twilight Zone Has a New Ongoing Series

Dynamite’s Legenderry Spins Off Three Titles

The World’s Most Evil Button Returns – Smiley the Psychotic Button

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Down Town Coming in Spring 2015

Nancy Collins On an Older Red Sonja in Vulture’s Circle

Bond, James Bond coming from Dynamite

Dynamite expands Art Editions line with Vampiralla, Battlestar Galactica and John Carter



NYCC’14: IDW Brings Chris Carter’s Other Show to Comics

NYCC’14: IDW Adds Spider-Man

NYCC ’14: IDW announces Signings with Simonson, Rodriguez and more



NYCC ’14: Frank Quitely on Visual Process and Cyclical Influence

NYCC ’14: Teasers, terror and a few tears: Inside AMC’s Walking Dead Season 5 panel

“Where’s Michonne?” Robert Kirkman gives a behind the scenes look at the past, present and future of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic series at NYCC

Todd McFarlane Passing Spawn Over To Brian Wood

NYCC ’14: Image announces signings and Instagram contest



 NYCC’14: Marvel Spider-Announcements to Close the Show

NYCC ’14: Marvel finally confirms their Fantastic Four Cancellation: WWBGD?

 NYCC’14: New Black Widow Project and Gamora Series

NYCC’14: New Ant-Man Book Coming From Marvel

NYCC’14: New Hawkeye Creative Team Announced

NYCC’14: Check out Marvel’s Daredevil Promotional Images

NYCC’14: Marvel’s Cup O’ Joe Panel Reveals a Black Vortex, Peggy Carter, and Star Wars Galore

NYCC’14: Retailer Exclusive: Meet Marvel! Marvel Teases Upcoming Events!

NYCC’14: Baby Groot Officially ‘Grooting’ to a Store Near You!

NYCC’14: Marvel Announces Spider-Gwen

Marvel Relaunching Secret Wars in 2015 “in a synergistic fashion across the Marvel brand”

Marvel offers a sneak peek at an AGENTS OF SHIELD episode 


NYCC ’14: Oni Press Shows Down With Upcoming Lineup



NYCC’14: Valiant Declare Quantum and Woody Must Die

NYCC’14: Valiant Shows off The Valiant #1


Instagram Posts

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat #nycc Barf & Lonestar cosplay

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat #nycc WOW this Cassandra cosplay overwhelms me! #doctorwho

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat DRAGON BALL ADORABLE! #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Dance magic dance! Stunning Jareth cosplay! #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat #nycc legend of korra cosplay


NYCC 14: #comicsbeat HANNIBAL cosplay!

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Joel & Tom Servo #mst3k #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Awesome dark Phoenix

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat 80’s Storm-brilliant! #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat @betsyboowho in an amazing Captain Marvel @marvel #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Mojo Jojo at #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Adorable Steven Universe cosplay #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Spot on Babs Tarr #batgirl cosplay at #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat That #kitemovie crew seemed like a beautiful and terrifying gang.

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Watch out #nycc

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Doctor Who cosplayers assemble! #nycc #doctorwho #cosplay

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Cool #nycc special guests Naruto and R2D2

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat They say it’s made of wax but I dunno…keep your eye on this one.

NYCC 14: #comicsbeat Starting #NYCC off right with some Rocket Raccoon.



New York Comic Con 2014 was the biggest US comic con yet—and one of the most diverse

NYCC ’14: A Conversation with Marc Evan Jackson on the Detroit Creativity Project

Today’s Inside Edition to report on Comic-Con harassment

NYCC’14: NYCC Staff Q&A: Complaints, Compliments, and Concerns from Attendees

Her Universe and Ours

Cosplay, Consent and Signs of the Times

NYCC ’14: Trailer for Powers debuts

#Tweetfolio: Your Guide to the Perfect Portfolio Review

5 Things We Learned About Adam West at #NYCC

NYCC’14: Famous Author to be Adapted as a Graphic Novel!

Grant Morrison and Steve Niles Headline Black Mask’s Second Phase

NYCC ’14: Win $50 for your Halloween swag from Costume Supercenter

NYCC ’14: Day 0—A New Hope

NYCC ’14: Finally, we’ll find out what happens when you clear the room between panels

NYCC ’14 Nom Nom: the special foods of New York Comic Con

NYCC ’14: Comixology announces panels and party

NYCC ’14 — a safety guide

NYCC ’14: Hitch a ride with Uber in their Comic Cars

NYCC ’14: Hero Initiative announces activites including Denny O’Neil

NYCC ’14: Insight Editions offers turtles, assassins and lots more

NYCC ’14: Viz offers exclusives and Takeshi Obata

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