By David Nieves

During Marvel’s exclusive retailer meeting at NYCC, the publisher made a few updates concerning recent announcements. One of which will make the Spidey fans ecstatic was word of a new Spider-Gwen series in February of 2015. No official title was given but will see writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez returning to the character. No artwork or further details were given during the presentation.  The character first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #2  and with this new announcement looks like she’ll be surviving the upcoming Spider-Verse event in the Marvel 616.



  1. Chris, were you the only blogger in the room? ‘Cuz if not, you really can’t claim the story just because you posted it a few minutes faster. If you had it exclusively, then maybe, but this was at a retailer meeting, the Beat could have any number of sources for the same story.

  2. Since NetFlix Daredevil’s hair was changed from the comic book red, to “a more marketable, and acceptable brown”, and since the TV show Flash’s hair was also changed from blond/red to brown, shouldn’t Gwen Stacey’s hair be brown or black -Bigotry and consumerism are the only things that matter in the former-USA, so since most tech jobs are out-sourced to India, and China shouldn’t Gwen be from India now>>>?

  3. Also, since cooperation, tolerance, training/learning from others is considered taboo now in the former-USA, I sure hope they have Gwen say things like “that guy is creepy, lets go” about people who do not dress like they shop at Indian/Chinese goods outlets (Target and Wallmart), or for not being able to emulate advertisements disguised as entertainment (Television)? She can say things like “People who live in the city are part of the populist vote, so we gotta decimate if not hinder city life since they are all a bunch of liberals… Lets open more remote office parks so people in the city have long grueling commutes, and people from the country will not.” -thats how all of us former-USA consumers (that pretend to be American) think.

  4. Robbie Rodriguez is doing this book as well as FBP for Vertigo? Two books at the same time? I read somewhere he found working on just one book (FBP) was involving enough. I hope him doing this book doesn’t hurt FBP (which is a fantastic, ideas-filled read).

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