Before he burst onto the scene as a top notch writer for Valiant, DC and Dark Horse, Matt Kindt put out a series of unique, intricate graphic novels for Top Shelf, including Pistol Whip, co-written by Jason Hall. A mystery series that continued on in several volumes, it’s the kind of twisted tale that Kindt has become known for. And now Dark Horse, home of MIND MGMT and PastAways, is bringing back ALL the Pistolwhip stories in a compelte eiedint in April, 2015. The new edition includes the two Pistolwhip books for the first time in hardcover, along with the Mephisto and the Empty Box one-shot and a story from Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings.

Dark Horse continues as the ome of Matt Kindt’s tales with a new edition of 2 Sisters in September 2015. 

Kindt has a very solid back list so this should be a welcome addition to any mystery lover’s shelf. His other books from Top Shelf include SuperSpy and 3 handed…wonder if these will eventually show up from Dark Horse as well?


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