Oh my! I’ve been waiting for the story of cosplay harassment at cons to get more TMZed. According to the above teaser, tonights’ Inside Edition, which is syndicated nationally, is going to do a story on “the dark side of Comic-Con” which involves inappropriate touching and the usual harassment problems.

I doubt this will set off any witch hunt because we all know that touching people without their consent is wrong, but it is writing a new narrative about conventions.

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From what I heard, there were fewer incidents at this year’s NYCC. Certainly the Cosplay is Not Consent posters by Amy Reeder Hadley were EVERY WHERE, and presented a much better message than last year’s Arizona Iced Tea promotions about women with big cans. Unfortunately there were a few incidents, and any is too many. But progress is being made.

Anyway, set your DVRS—the show airs at night in most areas, although it already aired here in NYC. And then watch a story about a dentist with bad Yelp reviews.


  1. “Unfortunately there were a few incidents”

    —shouldn’t THAT be the story here, and not the Beat promoting Inside Edition? (Inside Edition, fer crissakes!!)

    haven’t seen any reporting on these cases—where does The Beat get its information? why isn’t it being shared more fully, as opposed to a veiled reference that insinuates but does not document?

  2. “Inside Edition”? Or is that “Rock Bottom”? Sorry, Heidi, but I wouldn’t be caught dead watching that crap.

  3. At the Sunday Q&A session with ReedPOP executive staff, it was stated that as of Saturday, reports were “in the single digits”, and that all reports had been dealt with quickly and efficiently by Con security.

    I tried searching for online reports from attendees (as happened last year with the stupid TV crew), and could find nothing.

    Whomever interviews Lance Fensterman about NYCC’14 should ask him about this specifically.

    As for “Inside Edition”… it’s mainstream media, and deserves mention. Chances are one of your relatives will have seen this, and will ask you embarrassing questions.

  4. How about doing some stories on the real scandal in fandom- pedophilia? I would say underage boys are at more risk at cons than female cosplayers by a very long shot. But no one has the guts to report on that. Or is there a coverup at work? The evidence would say yes.

  5. Doctor Comix, the keywords you’re looking for are “lolicon” (a Romanization of a Japanese abbreviation of the term “Lolita Complex,” as in Nabokov’s novel Lolita, used to describe salarymen who pursue sex with teen and preteen girls and used to describe the media marketed specifically to them (animation, drawings, live-action DVDs of barely-dressed actual human beings as young as 5 told to pose suggestively, http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-30698640 says more) and “shotacon” (same thing but about boys instead of girls).

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