Not content to resurrect Secret Wars, their most successful mega-event ever, Marvel just sent out a Civil Wars teaser image showing Iron Man and Captain America once again battling for the soul of Spider-Man, as he was in the 2005 Civil War event. The cover image is by Adi Granov.

Civil War  the original event was written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven. It ran for seven issues from 2006-7 and had the tagline “Whose side are you on?” It was the waning years of the Bush administration and Milar’s story played into the still fresh wound of 9/11 with a story in which Iron Man and Captain America took different sides on the eternal debate over freedom vs safety. The book was well written and had a larger subtext that just who was fighting who and really tied into the Zeitgiest. Perhaps by no coincidence it remains the ONLY event book which still sells in collected edition form (at this very moment it’s Marvel’s #6 book on Amazon.)

In the original, Spidey switched sides from Iron Man, who favored the Superhero Registration Act, to Cap, who believed such an act violated our civil liberties. Spider-Man was given an Iron Spidey costume however which reappears on this teaser.

Bringing back old concepts to boost sales isn’t exactly the most creative or reassuring move on Marvel’s part, but you always knew the villain or hero would come back even if they looked dead; these day’s its the story concepts that come back.

PS: a number of people have been wondering if the original Civil Wars storyline  would show up in the Marvel Cinematic U. A site called Movie Pilot lays out the pros and cons for that.



  1. Since the “One More Day” storyline retconned out of existence Peter Parker’s secret identity being revealed to the world in Civil War, didn’t that also disrupt the entire Civil War storyline? Wouldn’t it perhaps have wiped that storyline from existence? If not then Marvel will have to explain how and why not since One More Day essentially postulated that all of the Spider-Man stories after 1986 didn’t happen.

  2. That is such a funny and dumb looking teaser (although the art is good).
    Captain America and Iron man look like grade school kids.

    “Spider-man is my friend! he’s playing with me!”

  3. so next year we’re gonna have the “civil war” event (again), and the “secret war” event (again). two major events going on at the same time. i truly do not know what to make of this. the over-kill is mind-numbing, with cross-overs, tie-ins, one-shots , and mini-series tied to the events that they boast will be company wide , involving just about all their titles , when will this nonsense end? what will they do to top it? maybe they’ll just stop putting out regular solo stories of the marvel characters. maybe next year will start the “new normal” of just publishing year long events that involve the entire line. 2015: secret wars & civil war . 2016: the inhuman/mutant wars, 2017: age of squirrel girl, 2018: heroes switch genders. solo stories following a character’s life will be a thing of the past, in favor of having all the characters play their roles in the current company wide “event”. ugh!

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