By David Nieves

IDW dropped a new title on X-Files fans today. Chris Carter’s other show Millennium will be coming to IDW in comics form. Written by Joe Harris, who also pens IDW’s X-Files: Season 10 and featuring interior art by Colin Lorimer, series creator Carter will reprise his “Season 10” role as executive producer for this mini series. The show, which lasted three seasons, follows Seattle-based ex-FBI agent Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) as he tracked down serial killers using his paranormal ability to see through the eyes of murderers.

In an interview today Joe expressed his motivations on the new series, “Millennium” has a ton of great ideas that were never fully explored, along with shifting focuses of the show itself.”

The five-part mini series will spin out of the events of X-Files #17 and will have a lot of interaction between Mulder and Black, much like the TV show spun out of the X-Files show.

Millennium #1 will be available in early 2015 from IDW Publishing.


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