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Sophie Campbell TMNT

SDCC ’19: Sophie Campbell takes over TMNT with her female turtle

Jennika is shaking things up for the guys.

SDCC ‘19: Marvel, DC, more unveil plans at annual retailer lunch

Over half a dozen publishers unveiled their plans for the rest of 2019 during the retailer event.
Sunday Press IDW

SDCC ’19: IDW acquires archival publisher Sunday Press Books

IDW is bringing the classics to digital.
addams family comic

SDCC ’19: THE ADDAMS FAMILY comic crawls out at IDW

Coming just in time for the movie.

WELLINGTON expands the LORE podcast to comics

The Duke of Wellington has a beef with monsters.
Sleeping Beauties

Stephen King’s SLEEPING BEAUTIES reawakens at IDW

The 2017 bestseller goes sequential.

PREVIEW: SONS OF CHAOS tells the little known story of the...

Over 30 pages of gorgeous art from Aléjandro Aragon.

Meet the new, female, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Jennika

There's a new Ninja Turtle in the pipes.

New G.I. JOE comic deploys in response to Twitter Takover

Be prepared to rise up this September.

Ted Adams is launching Clover Press with IDW cofounder Robbie Robbins

Clover Press is the new comics publisher, founded by two former IDW execs.