IDW is paying tribute to late comics legend George Perez with a special cover for their new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds-The Scorpius Run miniseries. The homage is dedicated to Perez’s work on the franchise for DC in the 1980s. Artist Sean Von Gorman has contributed a special cover design to go along with the tribute. 
Scorpius Run
Scorpius Run
Heather Antos and Sean Von Gorman at Third Eye

Recently, Von Gorman and editor Heather Antos celebrated the cover and IDW series at an early release signing this past weekend at Third Eye Comics.

The artist will also be signing and celebrating the book and Perez at St. Mark’s Comics in Brooklyn on August 25. Follow the link here to reserve your spot and get in on the signing, Q & A, and after-party.
Antos said in a statement:
We could not be more thrilled to be joining the crew of the Enterprise once again! Strange New Worlds is such a joyous representation of what makes Star Trek, well, Star Trek — from effervescent hope to hilarious callbacks to previous characters, movies, and shows, mixed with some high stakes and drama, it gives fans everything they could ask for! We’re so excited to be celebrating the new season with the brand new Scorpius Run mini-series — and what better way than with the incredible folks at Third Eye along with Sean & this incredible homage variant?
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds-The Scorpius Run is written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson. Art and cover art is from Angel Hernandez along with Von Gorman’s variant. 
George Perez’s cover for DC
Read the synopsis here: 
Come back to Strange New Worlds with a never-before-seen adventure of the hit Paramount+ show! Set course with Captain Pike and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise to the Scorpius constellation! As they venture into the unknown, the Enterprise crew learn what it truly means to traverse through the strange and unfamiliar when they lose contact with Starfleet and find themselves trapped in unexplored space!
Scorpius Run
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds-The Scorpius Run #1 is available today!