Back in 2022, IDW Publishing launched Dark Spaces, a creator-owned anthology line of books curated by Scott Snyder. The first book out of the gate was Dark Spaces – Wildfire, a heist tale involving the female crew of an inmate firefighting program written by Snyder with art by Hayden Sherman. Last October, Snyder and Sherman reunited for their followup series in the line, Dark Spaces – Dungeon. Featuring colors by Patricio Delpehce and lettering by Andworld Design, this five-issue miniseries is the tale of a family moving to the relaxing woods of New Hampshire only to discover a twisted and terrifying dungeon on their property that leads to terrible secrets.

Dark Spaces – Dungeon #4, the penultimate issue of the series, arrives next week on sale on 3/13. The Beat is proud to present an exclusive preview.

In addition to the main cover by Sherman, a variant cover by Dustin Nguyen is also available.

Check it out below:

Why was Detective Madoc kept in the Dungeon? Who chose that fate for him? These questions have haunted him for years and given him countless sleepless nights. He’s now on the verge of discovering who sabotaged his whole life. But will he live to reveal the true nature of the dungeon master? Or will he once again become a doomed prisoner? The critically acclaimed miniseries reaches its penultimate issue!


Dark Spaces- Dungeon Dark Spaces- Dungeon

Dark Spaces – Dungeon Dark Spaces – Dungeon



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