The folks at ReedPOP have a bit of a reputation as foodies, and their shows always have some interesting food ties in. Super Week is no exception and several New York food institutions are joining in the fun with special menu items.

Serendipity 3, the place where children are traditionally taken to learn that sugar doesn’t relaly make them hyperactive my letting them consume giant bowls of frozen chococlate, is offering the “Super-dipity Frrrozen Hot BLUE Chocolate — an indestructible BLUE blend of Serendipity 3’s new Frrrozen Hot White Chocolate topped with a heroic mountain of whipped cream, sprinkled with a flash of red, white and blue stars in a goblet protected by a S3 emblem and finished off with red and blue straws. ” OK then. This is not a low glycemic treat, but it does sound…memorable.

No. 7 Sub is known for its gourmet sandiwch options, and they’re making the “Make it So, No. 7.”   a blend of Boiled Targ, Pickled Gagh, Klingon Bloodwine Mayo and BBQ Potato Chips.   I do not know what this is but I would probably eat it. Super Week card holders get a 20% discount.

At the show  the North Corridor will be the home of the winning dishes in Wikia’s Fantasy Food, available for FREE from a full-sized Fantasy Food Truck parked inside. The menu:

Nuka Cola inspired by the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout (blue fizzy Italian soda served in a clear glass)

Cartoon Network series Adventure Time’s whimsical Bacon Pancakes

Smile Dip inspired by the offbeat Disney XD series Gravity Falls (shortbread cookie dipped in frosting with pink sanding sugar tips)

Warframe’s Greedy Milk (a smooth cookie-infused milkshake) — you had me at “Cookie infused”

Disney’s food item, Meat the Band-wich (a mini “band-wich” with three turkey, steak and bacon sliders).

Finally, there’s Brooklyn Defender, this year’s Brooklyn Brewery specialty beer just for the show, an IPA “red as the setting sun, as brisk as a tornado, incorporating some German red malts that give the beer the slightest edge of roast and a suggestion of caramel, and the explosive Mosaic hop steps outs front with the aromatics.” I do predict people will be drinking beer during Super Week. Amy Reeder HAdley designed the label!

I am a little surprised that no one involved is offering cauliflower, brussel sprouts or the ubiquitous kale, as these are are trendiest foods on the menus of New York. BTW, what are the odds on Eggplant being the next hot veggie?

Anyway, food it’s important. Remember to eat some!


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