By David Nieves

During Marvel’s “Women of Marvel” panel it was revealed popular YA author Margaret Stohl will be writing a new YA novel style Black Widow book for 2015. When talking about the project Stohl had this to say, “This is the badassiest thing I’ve ever been asked to work on in my life. Black Widow is the very best hot mess I know. She kicks ass, she’s more of a Wolverine than a Captain America.”

Also on the panel was Stacey Lee, who is working on something that will be announced at the Spider-Verse panel at 4 PM later! Which could in fact be the recent Spider-Gwen book announced earlier this week.

To round out the announcement side, the panel revealed a new Gamora series written by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy Movie) and the cover for issue 1 is by Francesco Mattina. Pearlman said, “It delves into who Gamora is, see her relationships with everyone, struggling with her past – it’s going to be amazing and I’m so excited.”



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