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The Marvel Rundown: Midgard’s Fate is Sealed in WAR OF THE...

This week Thor is finally back to take on Malekith and end the War of the Realms and he's not alone!

The Marvel Rundown: The McElroys’ JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY reaches its destination,...

A trio of finales are reviewed in this week's edition of the Marvel Rundown, including the conclusion of Ed Piskor's X-Men: Grand Design saga!

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/11/19: All About GNCRT

The ALA's comics roundtable to the rescue; why I don't like Crumb and what is GRRM doing now, anyway?

The Marvel Rundown: BLACK CAT #1 steals the spotlight

The Marvel Rundown crew discusses BLACK CAT #1 and the latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Annual!

Comings and Goings: Butcher, Towers, Ching, and Lujo

The industry shuffle! Some familiar names are on the move.

The Marvel Rundown: Spider-Man and the Avengers headline FCBD offerings, and...

We've got reviews and discussion of Marvel's two Free Comic Book Day titles, plus the newest Star Wars: Age of Rebellion one-shot and the latest issue of Unstoppable Wasp!

The Marvel Rundown: Conan joins the SAVAGE AVENGERS, and the Champions...

We've got reviews for the debut issue of Savage Avengers, a War of the Realms tie-in for the Champions, and the Han Solo-starring Star Wars: Age of Rebellion one-shot!

MCU Fan Art Recreates Your Favorite Marvel Movie Moments *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

Before you see ENDGAME, take a trip down Marvel memory lane!

The Marvel Rundown: The Uncanny X-Men enlist in the War of...

This week's Marvel Rundown has reviews and discussion of the latest tie-ins for War of the Realms and Age of X-Man, as well as the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park comic!

The Marvel Rundown: Two AVENGERS titles enter their endgame, and the...

We've got discussion and reviews for the finales of West Coast Avengers and Avengers: No Road Home, as well as the debuts of War of the Realms: War Scrolls and Star Wars: TIE Fighter!