On the Scene: WonderCon 2013, Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick Pushes Fan Empowerment


While the Nerdist Industries’ arena event at WonderCon this year was ostensibly about the future of the Youtube based pop culture conglomerate, and, indeed, plenty was said about upcoming projects, the question and answer period really expanded into a call to arms for fans to help directly determine the future of pop culture. Nerdist founder […]

Tales of con: Meet The Sleepy Klingon


While nerdlebrities are a big draw at comic-cons these days, as we’ve noted in the past, trying to throw a celebrity-only show can be a dismal affair. But with the rise of nerd culture, autograph shows seem to be picking up, even on the local level. For example: while going through our mail, we found a press release for a show called The American Music & Pop Culture Expo.

Nice art: Jim Rugg covers Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #1…


Jim Rugg does an alternate cover for Tom Neely’s comic about Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as a bickering old married couple. A new volume Henry and Glenn Forever & Ever is upcoming. This is the kind of variant we can get behind!

Radio 4 Gather Stunning Voice-Cast for Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Neverwhere’


Well, this is certainly one of the most British things I’ve ever heard. Please whistle the theme tune to The Archers while you read this article.

Visitors to Wellington now greeted by giant statue of Gollum


New Zealand is proud of its role as the home of the Lord of the Rings movies, and now the Hobbit trilogy. And to show it, a a huge statue of Gollum has just been installed at the Wellington airport. Like the rest of the sets, costumes and CGI elements, Gollum was designed by Weta […]

Agent Coulson Confirmed For SHIELD TV Show + Iron Man Anime Trailer


At the Marvel TV panel at NYCC, Joss Whedon (via video) has confirmed that Clark Gregg will be headlining the SHIELD TV show.  “Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” or at at least that’s how they’re hyping the announcement.

Jackman and Affleck: What they were REALLY thinking


MTV has a few interviews with past and present superhero actors who reveal a bit more of what they were REALLY thinking while on those junkets. § You can tell Hugh Jackman is sad—as are we—as he contemplates the Darren Aronofsky Wolverine movie that will never be, and confesses that the first solo Wolverine outing […]

London Super-Con reveal their starting line-up of guests

By Steve Morris, UK Correspondent This year London Super-Con surprised us all by netting Stan Lee as the guest of honour in only their first year of existence, leading many to wonder how they were going to top themselves for 2013. And while they haven’t yet announced the guest of honour for their second year, their […]

Cartoonist leaves publisher in tears over plans to film sex with others

Surprise! It’s Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Karolyn Pho, who handles the business side of LaBeouf’s Campaign Book comics publishing company. LaBeouf is making a Lars Von Trier film called Nymphomaniac which may require him to film actual sex acts, which is a step up from the torture and blinding and other miseries which actors in von trier films must often endure. Whatever happens, we’re sure Shia will make a comic about it.

Quote of the day: Brandon Routh edition

– SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh on his new role in Partners, a new CBS sitcom about hilariously mismatched roomates, one gay one straight. Routh actually plays the wacky neighbor as near as we can make out.

SDCC 12: ConSARS ravages nerdlebrity ranks

Apparently con crud cut a wide swath through the nerdlebrity contingent at this year’s show.

SDCC 12: Shifty Look's arcade and Chuck's mini-con

Yet another carnival! This one, as we understand it, is set up next to the Gaslamp Hilton in that area where the Scott Pilgrim Experience once stood. It’s a video game arcade set up by ShiftyLook. Details below, but the pr notes that the Shifty Look panel will feature Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub and an announcement so…add it up.

SDCC 12: From Larry King to My Little Pony

We’re not going to post every little piece of PR about Comic-Con that’s flooding our inbox, but…well…a lot is happening! Here’s some of the most unlikely and exceptional events looming. Let’s just say does a My Little Pony trolley ring your bell?

Tell Thomas Jane about your favorite comics covers

Actor Thomas Jane is a nerdlebrity we give a pass to because he’s definitely a real comics fan, and gets choked up talking about Jack Kirby and was pals with Dave Stevens and so on. His Raw Studios production company (which is co-owned by Tim Bradstreet)has just partnered with Comixology for digital release of Raw’s comics, and to promote it he’s doing a pretty cool thing on twitter.

Nice art: Chris Hemsworth goes surfing

THOR 2 filming begins in August.

When nerdlebrities meet: CM Punk and Bruce Campbell

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…