As the grim slog of this pandemic drags on and we enter our 18th month of hand-washing, worrying about our Zoom background and Hello Fresh, you must be asking yourself one thing: what are the nerdlebrities doing? Sure, comic cons are coming back, but it’s still a dicey affair for many, and not everyone can hit the road. How are they surviving these uncertain times? Well, here’s how a couple of our favorites are dealing with pandemic boredom.

§ Bruce Campbell got his first tattoo, at age 63.

It’s so big I thought it was a joke at first but no, it’s the Campbell clan crest. Hail to the King! What else has Campbell been up to? Working — doing the voice for the Evil Dead game coming next year — complaining about the unlikely heat waves in the Pacific Northwest, fooling around with photo filters,  and OF COURSE, posting cute pictures of his cat. Nerdlebrities: they’re just like us.

§ This one is a poignant throwback. It was Vince McMahon’s birthday this week, and as a tribute, former wrestler Virgil set up his autograph table on McMahon’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, as first reported by Wrestling News Source.

Virgil’s wrestling career included stints as a bodyguard for Ted DiBiase in both the WWF(E) and WCW, in the 80s and 90s but since then he’s become perhaps even better known as that guy who sets up at comic cons. Virgil was one of the first wrestlers to become a comic con staple, to the point where he became a meme: Lonely Virgil. 


The photo is a bit of a work, as Virgil would dutifully sit there hour after hour and interact with fans on a regular basis – he truly was a pillar of the nerdlebrity community. But I guess like all of us, Virgil longs for the world of blue pipe and drape, so setting up on Vince’s star for a day got him out of the house for some fresh air, and gave him that Wizard World 2005 feeling all over again.

Reportedly, when he isn’t sitting behind a table, Virgil is a high school math teacher under his birth name, Michael Jones. EDITED TO ADD: Welp, looks like this may be an “urban legend.”


Have you seen a beloved nerdlebrity doing something notable? Let us know!