In Seeing Things by self-described “married goofballs” Sarah Tillery and Ken Fergione, Aaliyah’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she has the power to perceive supernatural beings!

Seeing Things

Naturally, Aaliyah freaks out about finding a supernatural entity in her apartment, but it soon becomes clear that Delilah the demon doesn’t conform to the stereotypes.

Soon, Delilah is explaining why she’s on the run to Aaliyah, a story that involves Demon College, being a groupie, and a Constantine-style demon hunter named Mr. Blood.


Mr. Blood thinks that anything supernatural must be evil by default, and so he drugs Delilah at a show and attempts to exorcise her. Fortuantely, Delilah’s paramour is there to help her make an escape through an inter-dimensional portal (which is how she ended up in Aaliyah’s apartment).

With Mr. Blood hot in pursuit (thanks to his angry ghost friend, only visible to Aaliyah), things are about to get extremely complicated for Aaliyah and Delilah! Can Aaliyah figure out the correct google search terms fast enough to help Delilah stymie the attack? And after the dust settles… just who is going to pick up the bill for utilities?

With a fantastic sense of humor and engaging character dynamics – plus a wild supernatural world that plays off of the realities of our dimension in hilarious ways – you’ll want to direct your gaze towards Seeing Things as soon as possible!

Updates on Thursdays

Seeing Things is updated on Thursdays. While it is an ongoing comic, it has already reached episode four, so you can catch up on the earlier episodes with a nice demon-seeing binge!

You can also read Seeing Things on Webtoon rather than the website, if you’d prefer.

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