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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/12/19: Was Bruce Campbell the internet’s first boyfriend?

Travel with us back to AOL in the 90s...and beyond

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 8/22/18: “My real name is Loan. And I...

§ Nice Art: Paul Mounts posted a variant cover by Art Adams for Avengers Asssemble! Issue 700 that he colored, which is a...

Ex-Wizard showrunner Macaluso launches Fandemic comic cons with Reedus, Morgan, Campbell...

Are there too many comic cons? Apparently not because John Macaluso, who was the showrunner at Wizard World until about a year ago, is launching...

AMERICAN GODS and ASH vs. EVIL DEAD are headed to SDCC

Starz unveils two of their big panels for SDCC

Bruce Campbell, political fact checker

Folks, we're in for a bumpy ride this year as increasingly partisan politics take over the news cycle. There is only one man who...

Entertainment Round-Up: Lucifer, Constantine, Ash vs Evil Dead, Doctor Who

Lucifer gets a pilot, Constantine's fate hangs in the balance, and more

Dynamite announces The Art of Army of Darkness

As you know, we're big Bruce Campbell fans here at Stately Beat Manor, and Bruce was never Brucier than in Army of Darkness. So with Dynamite about to release a collection of The Art of Amy of Darkness—which was their first comic book some 10 (!!!) years ago—you know we'll want a copy so we can relive artistic reinterpretations of great moments in the history of the One True Bruce, from John Bolton's classic key art on. Hail to the King, baby.

Whither Wizard World?

As we reported the other day, the Wizard World convention experience is expanding dramatically in 2014, adding seven shows in comics market ranging from huge—Atlanta—to kind of off the beaten path—Sacramento, Tulsa.

Chatting With Elliott Serrano: The New Army of Darkness Series, Bruce...

Army of Darkness (as in Evil Dead) returns to the world of comics today with a new first issue. We caught up with Army of Darkness writer Elliott Serrano (who likes to pretend he's a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper as the "Geek To Me" columnist at the Chicago Tribune's Redeye) to talk about Ash, Bruce Campbell and the new series.