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Entertainment Editor for The Beat covering film, television and the occasional comic book. His work can also be found at GeekRex.com and can be heard on the GeekRex podcast. He really loves the Legion of Super-Heroes a lot.

Review: FORD v FERRARI is tailor-made for cable television

James Mangold follows up LOGAN with a movie your dad will probably love
Pennyworth R.I.P.

DC reflects on Alfred’s death in BATMAN: PENNYWORTH R.I.P. this February

Alfred has died at the hands of Bane, how will the Bat family cope?

Review: THE LIGHTHOUSE is an incredible descent into madness

Our review of Robert Eggers' follow-up to THE WITCH

The Most Punchable Actor on the planet is going to play...

Batman drinks Paul Dano's milkshake

Jonah Hill has dropped out of THE BATMAN

THE BATMAN needs a new Riddler

REVIEW: EL CAMINO is a killer epilogue to the greatest longform...

Vince Gilligan's masterful handling of this world continues
Legion Damian Wayne

PREVIEW: Is Damian Wayne joining the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Also, get a look at the latest preview for the first issue.

James Wan signs up for DYLAN DOG television series

We might finally get the Dylan Dog adaptation we deserve!

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: EVENT LEVIATHAN #5 uncovers the identity of Leviathan

Finally, the answer will arrive!


The epic journey to the 31st century concludes this week

In Conversation with Michel Fiffe Part 2: Manga influences, accessibility, and...

In which we actually talk about COPRA this time, and what's to come for the series in the new Image Era

In Conversation with Michel Fiffe Part 1: Doomsday Clock, Mike Patton,...

On the cusp of a brand new COPRA #1, we nerd out with Michel Fiffe on a number of unrelated comics and music topics, as you do...