As today’s bombshell news that Marvel and Sony would reunite for one more Spider-Man movie, rising superstar Zendaya, who plays MJ in the franchise, just couldn’t contain how happy she was to hear the news.

Zendaya, who also recently starred in HBO’s controversial Euphoria, has become one of the biggest stars on red carpets and Instagram of late – and she turned heads on Sunday with her stunning Vera Wang “Poison Ivy” styled dress at the Emmy Awards that had fans begging her to take the role opposite Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Batman movie. She’ll also appear in the Dune remake next year.

But she also knows her memes: this dancing Spidey goes back to the early days of the internet way back in the early 2000s and perfectly captures how we all feel about Spidey’s return to the MCU.

That said, maybe we’re just exhausted by the rest of the week’s news, or maybe we knew it was just a studio soap opera, but any way you slice it, the news of the Marvel/Sony reunion has been met with a collective “What took you so long?” There was just too much money lying on the ground for the studios to ignore. After all, Spider-Man: Far From Home which Zendaya co-starred in, grossed more than $1.2 billion around the world, making it Sony’s #1 movie of all time.

Plus, with at least one more Spidey appearance in a mainline MCU movie…who knows how long this could go on. Meanwhile Sony has Venom 2 locked and loaded to return, and a whole slate of other movies set in the Spider-verse coming our way – even Madame Web. There’s also a Morbius movie on the way, several Spider-Verse spin-offs animated series and….well we won’t be lacking for Spidey.

Meanwhile Zendaya will keep being awesome on both the internet and in real life.