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Feige & Watts hint at Spider-Man’s MCU future post-FAR FROM HOME...

Phase 4, who might the next villain be, and what was up with those crazy end credit scenes?!

Jon Watts reflects on tackling the events of ENDGAME in SPIDER-MAN:...

Dealing with "The Blip" and certain deaths without bumming everyone out again

Rent Tony Stark’s Avengers: Endgame Cabin on AirBNB for a Modest...

Stay in the same lakeside cabin as Tony and his family.

Mindy Kaling Has Spoken to Marvel Studios about MS. MARVEL

The LATE NIGHT writer/actor thinks an unknown young actor should play Kamala Khan

Spider-Man picks up where Iron Man left off in a new...

The latest SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME tv spot is here.

Queer Coding Bucky Barnes: Why the MCU Should Put Up

This is why fans read the MCU's Bucky Barnes as queer.

Sharon Carter and Zemo are likely coming to THE FALCON AND...

With Avengers: Endgame over, the new status quo for Sam and Bucky is beginning to take shape, and it includes two prominent figures from previous adventures.

Is Cap Chasing Loki in the new Disney+ Series?

Joe and Anthony Russo tease Cap's return in the new Loki series for Disney+

The MCU Should Let Carol Danvers Be Gay

Seriously, just let her be a lesbian.