Content Warning: this article and the video linked below contain violence against women.

Over the weekend, a video of actor Ezra Miller appearing to choke a woman and push her to the ground surfaced on the internet.

Posted on April 5, the video (which you can see below) begins with what appears to be a random encounter between Miller and an unidentified woman in the streets of, what some are speculating is, Reykjavik, Iceland, based on witness accounts and a truck in the background. The woman approaches them, jokingly waving her hands as Miller says “you wanna fight, is that what you want to do?” At that point, Miller reaches out and puts their hands around the woman’s throat, pulling her to the ground. It’s at that point that the person recording the video acts, saying “woah, woah bro,” moving quickly toward Miller and the woman as the video stops.

It’s unclear if the poster, @Hood_Vampire, is directly or tangentially connected to the victim. In a thread, they link screenshots of another person who seems to have been present during the incident, posting the original video to Twitter along with the following:

“okay so i’m exposing Ezra Miller because he just attacked my friend at the bar after she JOKINGLY challenged him to a fight… he took it way to seriously and choke slammed her to the ground. not okay”

Although that person’s feed does not contain that tweet now, there are myriad reasons why it could have been taken down by Twitter or deleted by the user. The time stamp on the screen shot is April 2, last Thursday.

The actor, known recently for portraying The Flash in Justice League as well as Credence Barebone in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, has yet to make any public response to the video or its implications at time of writing.

UPDATE: Variety later confirmed though a source at the bar where this incident took place “that this was a serious altercation at the bar, and that the man, whom they identify as Miller, was escorted off the premises.” This source said the altercation took place after Miller encountered some “pushy” fans, which resulted in the events above.