Wednesday 11th, 7PM – The Playstation Theater in Times Square, New York City slowly fills with throngs of eager nerds of all shapes, colors, creeds, and sizes. Following the high energy techno-style rock and dance performances from bands Planet Booty & TupperWare Remix Party, an electrifying batch of guitar licks flows through the crowded, dark theater. As the crowd roars to life once again, the lights shine on a lanky spandex-clad vocalist, singing his introduction as Danny Sexbang, with his partner Ninja Brian.

NSP & TWRP Live September 12, 2018

I’ve followed Ninja Sex Party for a few years now, though plenty of veteran fans have been there since their start back in 2009. At their latest show in New York, Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht rocked the room alongside Canadian time-traveling future band TupperWare Remix Party; every man on stage was decked out in their now iconic, colorful garb, from lion masks to spandex of gold and blue to full body robot suits. These musical talents, in their quest to party hard with a crowd of over 2,000, spoke of self-love, friendship, and solidarity with men, women, and everyone in between and beyond.


From left: Josh Carteno, Dylan Germick, and Rob Gwin of Planet Booty.

While I was in attendance with four dear friends, the whole crowd felt connected, all kinds of people relishing in their nerdiness and sexuality, bathed in a colorful light show while cheering, screaming, and laughing. Planet Booty, the opening band, set the tone for the evening, as lead vocalist Dylan Germick took the stage, hoisting a prop, bedazzled, shining butt into the light, which lit up the venue like a disco. Between high energy techno funk songs, Germick and co-vocalist Josh Cantero shed their wisdom (and sequin ensembles) upon the crowd, encouraging fans to be proud of their weirdness, love who they are no matter what background or gender, and party the night away. With percussion and base provided by Rob Gwin, Germick and Cantero acquired a great deal of love for their solid singing voices and general stage presence.

From Left: Havve Hogan, Commander Meouch, Doctor Sung, and Lord Phobos of TWRP.

It was then that one by one TupperWare Remix Party took over the stage, with guitarist Lord Phobos, bassist Commander Meouch, drummer Havve Hogan, and finally keyboardist and singer Doctor Sung, who rolled into a rush of excited cheers on a hover-board, greeting the people of New York with open arms and synthy solos. This was my first time formally hearing TWRP and I was absolutely sold, now having downloaded multiple tracks and binging them since. The Doctor and Meouch worked the crowd with songs like Rock & Roll Best Friends encouraging solidarity among all in attendance, which rang true for those graciously stepping aside for one another as patrons went to the bar and back, dancing together, and plenty of high fives. The faces and names of TWRP have been accidentally revealed in the past, but it takes more than a google search to find that info; not that you should be looking for it. Testimonies from online users suggest TWRP is passionate about its story and act, while also valuing privacy. To quote one tumblr user: “When I met them out of costume, I asked if it was okay [to take a picture] and Doctor sung literally told me: ‘you have two options. A picture where our faces are showing but you can’t post it online. Or a picture with our faces covered and you can post it online.'” Even Arin Hanson, Dan’s partner on the youtube sensation Game Grumps, once accidentally posted a couple of face reveals, which he quickly removed and then reposted with both members in question blurred.

An illustrated rendition of two NSP concert goers as they were each seen jamming.

Once their set was finished, TWRP bid a fond, melancholic farewell to the crowd, but hinted they’d perhaps be seen again, as they were soon after a brief intermission, when the darkened theater was blasted with the presence of Ninja Sex Party, which ignited the audience with pure, unfettered hype at the sight of the Jewish spandex butterfly himself, Danny Y. Sexbang alongside the death-glaring keyboardist Ninja Brian. Some of their oldest and newest hits were played, including an acoustic version of their hit debut track, Dinosaur Laser Fight from 2011 and this year’s Danny Don’t You Know, a song which was #1 on Youtube featuring Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard as young Danny in the music video and broke into the #24 spot on Billboard’s Rock Digital Songs Sales. Additionally, heartfelt cover songs were played including You Spin Me Right Round and Everybody Wants to Rule the World, equally loved by the audience, who sang along to just about every word from Dan Avidan’s amazing pipes, cover or original lyrics alike.

From left: Commander Meouch, Doctor Sung, Havve Hogan, and Danny Sexbang, live at the PlayStation Theater.

It’s the unapologetic humor and geekery coupled with self-aware “I’m not cool I’m a dork” aspect of their songs that really resonates with people, as can be witnessed both online and amidst some of of the most excited, unified crowds at their live shows. Even songs chuck-full of sexual innuendo like Heart Boner brought audience members together, friends singing along as they held one another and couples exchanging a kiss or two. I think every single performer at this show wasn’t just in like company for their rock and dance tunes and love of sex, but in how sincere and positive they all were.

It’s a show I will never forget and as such I wholeheartedly recommend you see go Ninja Sex Party live (typically 18+ so fair warning!) if you like good vibes, hard laughs, playful self-ridicule, and colorful 80s-inspired rock. Visit their website to see the rest of their upcoming shows on the Tour de Force. If you’d like to understand NSP and their history better, here’s a Brief History by Ryder, “FootofaFerret”, which goes into their other projects and incredible success growth.

(Danny Sexbang & Ninja Brian performing Dinosaur Laser Fight, captured by Steph Szulborski)