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Webcomics Alert: Downton Crabby by Rina Ayuyang — SPOILERS

Confession. I have never seen an episode of Downton Abbey in my life. But many of the rest of you have. So be warned, here there by spoilers in this new webcomic by Rina Ayuyang entitled Downton Crabby, a follow-up to her previous PghPolka. Like I said SPOILERs, but if you want, go to the rest of Rina’s blog for recipes and more comics. MM, chestnut filled mochi!


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Black Comics Month: Free comics, Cyborg, Myisha Haynes and more!

Continuing our spotlight on #BlackComicsMonth, by arrangement with Vixen, we have some catching up to do. First FREE COMICS! Concrete Park Vol 1. is still free from Comixology or Dark Horse! FREE!!!!!   Also Free, a new selection of comics from B. Alex Thompson including Hass #1 and two issues of Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. […]


Veronica Fish named ongoing artist for new-look Archie series

With the shock of the lipstick incident behind us, it’s time for the well-received realistic Archie comic to get a “permanent” ongoing artist, and it’s Veronica Fish. Fiona Staples launched the title in high style, Annie Wu drew issue #4 with more style, and Fish has been on starting with last month’s issue #5. She joins writer Mark Waid, colorists Andre Szymanowicz and Jen Vaughn, and letterer Jack Morelli. Issue #6 goes on sale next week, 2/17 and the cover is shown above.


Comics sales increase by 2.1 million units in five years

The top 300 comics charts are out for January, and John Jackson Miller has his monthly analysis which reveals that graphic novels were heavily discounted in January, perhaps accounting for part of the fall in sales. He also points out something very important which I think a lot of people don’t remember – because they […]

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And here’s your X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Super Bowl ad

We’ve gotten trailers or spots of some kind from each of the superhero movies that are rolling out over the next few months. Here is the new ad for X-Men: Apocalypse, giving us some quick looks at a few of the younger members of the team that are being re-introduced:


Marvel wants you to Choose Your Side with a new CIVIL WAR Super Bowl spot

  Marvel Studios is getting in on the “picking your favorite hero hashtag” game, with this new short Super Bowl spot for Captain America: Civil War. It doesn’t debut much new footage, but you do get to see Ant-Man as a part of the gathering of heroes now. Get to hashtagging and you can see […]


Travel to DC’s most famous cities in faux airline commercials for BATMAN v SUPERMAN

Turkish Airlines is the official airline for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As such, it produced the first fairly nifty set of Superbowl commercials this afternoon. Take a look below at these in-universe travel ads for Gotham City and Metropolis, with cameos by Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor respectively.


Review: DEADPOOL, a movie only a fan could love

We review The Merc with a Mouth’s big screen adventure


Marvelous Weekend: Mary Jane in the Armor, the All-New Wasp and more!

Like thunder, like lightning Newsarama has just dropped some brand new details involving a collection of All-New, All-Different Marvel titles. First up, is something that has been a long time coming with the various Marvel teasers, we have a sneak peek at the All-New Wasp in the Marvel Universe. Marvel is releasing the title May […]