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E3 2016: The Year of Comic Book Video Gaming

Keep your Master Chiefs, bearded Kratos, fancy flux capacitor powered hardware. E3 2016 had one of the best line ups for those of us who […]


Monster Elementary Volume 1 Front Cover - Art by Caanan Grall

INTERVIEW: The Monster Elementary Vol 1 collection might be your new favorite all-ages comic

What’s your definition of all-ages comics? Often these book are mistakenly synonymous with kids comics. Yet there is a big difference between a book filed with drawings to catch the minimal attention spans kids have left and a book young children can read while not having themes or ideas diluted just to pander. Recently, Space Goat […]


Weekend Reading: Operation: Pineapple Sparkle by François Vigneault

It’s been a heck of a week, so I’m just going to leave readers with some reading, as in webcomics or free to download comics that may help get us through the garbage fire of international politics we now live in. Operation: Pineapple Sparkle is a sponsored comic that was created by Area 1 Security, […]


Report: Rankled Ike call Iger before he’s even had his coffee

In a wide ranging interview with THR to reflect his being named the most powerful person in Hollywood, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger was asked about his relationship with Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter: and the state of the relationship is good, we’re told. How’s your relationship with Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter these days? My relationship with Ike […]

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REVIEW: SNOTGIRL #1 Will Blow Your Nose Off!!!

Alex Lu takes a look at SNOTGIRL #1, the first ongoing comic from SCOTT PILGRIM writer Bryan Lee O’Malley that introduces the singular Leslie Hung on art!


Barnes & Nobles loses $24 million in fiscal 2016, set to open restaurants

With the Nook dragging down profits all around, Barnes & Noble reported a 3,1% revenue fall for fiscal 2016, with a net loss of $24.4 million. In 2015 B&N had a profit of $36.6 so that is…a $50 million swing. Ouch. Actual book sales were still strong however. Revenue in fiscal 2016 was $4.16 billion, down from […]


Justice League #1 Gets Aspen Store Michael Turner Variant

DC Comics Rebirth has renewed fans love affair with their stable of characters by bringing back much of what we missed about super hero comics. It’s also brought another group of fans out in full force; followers of the late Michael Turner, who passed away in 2008 after a long struggle with bone cancer. The artist […]


Podcorn Podcast 06/22/16 — Dive into DC Rebirth with SUPERMAN & BATMAN Audio Reviews!

Join Alex Lu and Brandon Montclare as they discuss the new DC Rebirth books live on the air!


INTERVIEW: Natacha Bustos Reveals the Secrets Behind MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR’s Gorgeous Art

“The strength of a work commands interest more than where it’s from.” We celebrate Natacha Bustos, artist on MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR!


DC Reborn Week Four– The Round Up and Buy Guide!

Another week, another round up!

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INTERVIEW: Ulises Fariñas on Buño, the Trials and Tribulations of Starting an “Indie Publisher and a Half”

“I don’t want to worry about paying for those big names but I’m starting a publisher because I also want the freedom to put forward my ideals forward. After a certain size, your idealism becomes a liability if you’re looking to make money.”


Cerebus returns in collage comic Cerebus in Hell #0

Cerebus, the controversial comics masterpiece by Dave Sim, is returning in a one shot that, perhaps inspired by Mike Mignola’s latest Hellboy saga, shows us how the earth pig will be doing in Hell. The issue goes on sale in September and if successful will be followed by a four issue mini-series. Cerebus died in […]


ComicBlitz expands with more publishers and online access

There’s still life that thar “Netflix of Comics” race, as ComicBlitz has just expanded from an iOS app to a desktop site. An Android app is in the works as well. It’s also expanded its offering with a library of comics that has doubled in size and 23 publishers, including Dynamite and Valiant. To introduce […]


FlameCon Announces Gun-Free Cosplay Policy Following Orlando Massacre

Flame Con, New York City’s first LGBTQ comic con, has announced that the second year of their event will be “(toy) Gun-Free” in the wake of the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando.