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Jack Davis: A Selection of His Work

I was hooked on MAD Magazine in the Third Grade, when a classmate brought in a copy of the June 1979 issue for Show and […]



Nice art: Legendary artist Robert E McGinnis and Todd Klein team for awesome retro covers of Neil Gaiman paperbacks

With the American Gods tv show in the works, and more Neil Gaiman stuff always in the hopper, his books are often reprinted. And as this blog post explains, a new edition of American Gods was needed and somehow, the idea of retro cover was discussed and the famed illustrator RobertE. MCGnnis — pretty much […]


SDCC’16: Gail Simone throws readers back to the wolves in SURVIVING MEGALOPOLIS

Certain writers have a knack for capturing the voice of their own gender, then there are some who’ve mastered character voice altogether. No one is a better example of this than writer Gail Simone. Whether it was the warrior of Wonder Woman or the dweeb that is Millhouse, Simone is probably the best of the […]

GOTGI Disneyland

SDCC’16: Disney Announces the First Marvel Ride in California!

With the announcement of Star Wars Land last year at the D23 Expo, fans have been wondering… When will Disney start adding new attractions featuring Marvel’s popular characters to their theme parks? Unlike Disney World, Disneyland is not constrained by Universal’s contract with Marvel regarding their Islands of Adventure rides and exclusive use of certain characters. Disneyland […]

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RIP Richard Thompson

Cartoonist Richard Thompson, the artist behind Poor Richard’s Almanack, Cul-de-Sac and many other wonderful comics, has passed away from the effects on his battle with Parkinson’s disease. A more talented, kind and wonderful person could not be imagined. Thompson won the Rueben Award for his work, and was diagnosed in 2009, and continued to work […]


You have only a few short hours to pre-order Short Box 2

Pre-orders for the second edition of Short Box, the box of exclusive comics and swag curated by Zainab Akhtar (with some logistical help from Thought Bubble’s Clark Burscough) is now available for pre-order , but the cut-off is midnight today (7/27/) in the UK, which is like, 7 pm edt. The line-up will want to […]

The Flash -- "Pilot" -- Image FLA101_0001 -- Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

SDCC ’16: THE FLASH spoilers! Flashpoint results in major character changes

Given that season 2 of The Flash closed with Barry’s decision to travel back in time to change his past (an event known as Flashpoint in the comics), we can obviously expect some big status quo changes in season 3. Though we can glean only a few things about next season from the trailer, released at San Diego Comic-Con, we also managed to get some clues directly from the cast about where Flashpoint will position their characters in this alternate reality.


People are beginning to read and review Alan Moore’s Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a new novel by Alan Moore that is some 600,000 words long and 1200 pages of very long paragraphs and small type, at least in the galley version that was given away at BEA this year. It’s daunting. By design. I reviewed it for Publishers Weekly in a signature review. You’ll have to […]


Review: Daniel Johnston biography sets a whole new standard

As biographical graphic novels go, you’ve never read anything like The Incantations Of Daniel Johnston, a poetic, frenetic dive through the mind of the singer/songwriter, using it as a filter through which the larger strokes of his life are presented. What results is unstable, sympathetic, confused, and damned. For those who don’t know, Johnson long […]


SDCC: Is this Flex Mentallo towel the greatest exclusive at San Diego?

Sorry for the crap photo but it’s hard to find a room big enough to roll this out. At the press breakfast for DC’s Young Animal line one of the giveaways was this outstanding Flex Mentallo breach towel. According to Gerard Way, only a handful were made and it may be one of the rarest […]


SDCC ’16: Behind the DC sales and marketing changes – UPDATED

One of the things that I was told many times by industry insiders about DC’s sales struggles of the last year or so is that one of the biggest causative factors was the lack of former SVP of sales Bob Wayne’s guiding hand. Wayne understood the direct market better than anyone and retailers loved and […]


SDCC’16: Captured Aural Phantasy Theater brings the romance comics of old to life

  If you really love comics, then you know Hall H wasn’t the only place to be Saturday during Comic-Con. Room 26a held a different type of celebration, one of comics and Weird Love…the comic book, not the actual act of weird love. A group of performers calling themselves Captured Aural Phantasy Theater did voice over […]


SDCC’16: Lego Dimensions reveals new details on expansions from E.T, Harry Potter, and Gremlins

Lego fever was rampant around the convention center at San Diego Comic-Con. From the massive booth where fans gathered to take Lego Batman selfies and buy the latest exclusive toys to the WB booth where fans could play the upcoming expansions of the toy-to-life series Lego Dimensions developed by Tt Games. You might know them […]


SDCC’16: Kevin Smith’s Geeking Out, more than just white guys talking about pop culture

While Sunday night marked the end of the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, it also brought the debut of director and pop culture icon Kevin Smith’s new talk show Geek!ng Out on AMC television. Smith along with his show co-host Greg Grunberg came to Comic-Con to talk about how their new show is about “more […]