This week’s top comics to buy for April 24 features some great new takes on familiar old IP, from G.I. Joe to Dick Tracy to the classic Universal Monsters. We’ll get into why each one works below, but they’re all complicated and new while honoring their original characters. And, as always, we have the usual list of what’s coming out … enjoy!

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Top Comics to Buy for April 24, 2024

Dick Tracy #1
Writers: Alex Segura & Michael Moreci
Artist: Geraldo Borges
Creative Consultant: Chantelle Aimee Osman
Colorist: Mark Englert
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
In the aftermath of World War II, the country stands frozen–waiting for the next shoe to drop. In The City, a brutal murder draws the attention of rising star detective Dick Tracy, who soon discovers the bloodshed is just the beginning of a complicated web that threatens to ensnare everything he cares about.
Why It’s Cool:
This book is basically the perfect refresh for one of the best characters in comics history. It honors the character’s past while delivering a fantastic new hardboiled noir that stands perfectly well on its own merits. Do not miss this new era.

Duke #5
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Tom Reilly
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics – Skybound
Codename: G.I. Joe Is Here Duke has been betrayed by his allies and hunted by new enemies. The time has come for Duke to start fighting for something bigger than his country. Bigger than he ever could have imagined. Get ready for the last page shocker that no one will see coming!
Why It’s Cool:
This finale comic takes some familiar characters from your childhood and just punches you in the face with them over and over and over again, with some of the best action sequences in any book this year.

Slash Presents Deathstalker – The Return of the Last Great Warrior King #1
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Jim Terry
Colorist: Kurt Michael Russell
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Publisher: Vault Comics
Deathstalker finds himself once again caught between forces larger than himself-a virgin worshiping cult, a sorcerer hell-bent on saving the world through mad science, and the pissed-off army of the Abraxeon kingdom…not to mention his ex-lover, Princess Evie. Monsters, magic, and mayhem abound…can’t a guy just swing his sword anymore?
Why It’s Cool:
It brings back a cult classic character, and puts him in his first comics. And what excellent comics they are. This is an over-sized and fantastic debut fantasy issue with a sense of humor, and just perfect artwork. The pacing is also dead on.

Comics to Buy for April 24Ultimate Spider-Man #4
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: David Messina
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Peter Parker’s secret life starts fraying the edges of his personal life! J. Jonah Jameson and Ben Parker’s pursuit of truth – or, at least, the news – stirs unrest with the world at large… And now that Spider-Man may not have to operate alone, the real work of rebuilding this corrupt world can begin!
Why It’s Cool:
This new Ultimate Universe is just straight fire, and this book is leading the way. It’s a credit to how well done this series is that we can have a fourth issue that is mostly two couples at dinner exchanging barbs in a 9-panel grids, and it’s a total banger.

Universal Monsters – Creature From the Black Lagoon Lives #1
Writers: Dan Watters and Ram V.
Artist: Matthew Roberts
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics – Skybound
Years after the events of the original film, journalist Kate Marsden hunts for a notorious serial killer in the heart of the Amazon. Hot on the trail of this madman, she soon encounters an unexpected new threat-but is it friend or foe? Or is it simply… THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON?
Why It’s Cool:
Using one of the less-heralded Universal Monsters as its focal point, this book follows up the events of the classic film, building something new around ideas of trauma. It’s a good one, and an easy pick for this week’s Top Comics to Buy for April 24.

Others Receiving Votes

  • Dawnrunner #2
  • Dutch #3
  • The Forged #7
  • Green Arrow #11
  • If You Find This I’m Already Dead #3
  • The Infernals #3
  • Man’s Best #2
  • Rare Flavours #5
  • The Six Fingers #3
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #150

comics to buy for april 24New #1s and One-Shots

  • Chilling Adventures Presents The Cult of That Wilkin Boy Initiation #1 (one-shot)
  • Drawing Blood #1
  • Operation Sunshine – Already Dead #1
  • Rick and Morty – Kingdom Balls #1
  • Spectregraph #1
  • Star Wars – Darth Maul – Black, White & Red #1

comics to buy for april 24Graphic Novels and Trade Collections

  • Avengers Inc. – Action Mystery Adventure TP
  • The Cemeterians TP
  • EC Archives – Tales From The Crypt Vol. 3 TP
  • Gleem GN
  • Harrowing HC
  • Rumpus Room TP
  • Spine-Tingling Spider-Man TP
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Stranger Things TP
  • Zatanna By Paul Dini TP (2024 Edition)

comics to buy for april 24FOC Watch

Epitaphs From The Abyss #1
Writers: Brian Azzarello, Chris Condon, J. Holtham, and Stephanie Phillips
Artists: Jorge Fornes, Phil Hester, Peter Krause, and Vlad Legostaev

EC Comics is back. The classic publisher and its iconic trade dress is being revived by Oni Press, which is preparing to publish the first new EC Comics in 70 years. With an impressive line-up of modern creators, this first issue is out July 24, clocking in at 40 pages with a price tag of $4.99. You’re going to want to get your pre-order in for this one ahead of the July 1 FOC. I mean, just look at this Lee Bermejo cover.

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