Saturday at Sakura-Con brought about a new batch of licensing announcements, this time courtesy of Kodansha. In total they gave us 19 announcements, the majority of this will be in print later in 2024, or in early 2025 — including the zany adventures of Thunder 3, the tension filled psychological thriller, Confession, and a few exciting manga box sets! But let’s not waste any time shall we? Let’s get into the big, exciting news from the panel!

You Must Be This Tall to Propose! (Digital)

By Fumi Mifuyu
Debut Date: April 9, 2024

Chitose Oki has a huge crush on his next-door neighbor Tomo, but there’s one small problem—his height.

Back when they were kids Chitose expressed his wishes to marry Tomo one day, but Tomo shut him down saying she wouldn’t marry him until he grows up! Too bad Chitose took that condition a bit too literally. These days, it’s not just height, but a constant streams of  misunderstandings that might keep them from seeing eye to eye. The truth is, they’re both head over heels for each other, but as they will both learn it can sometimes be a tall order to confess your feelings to the one you love.

Thunder 3

By Yuki Ikeda
Debut Date: November 2024

What kind of hijinks happen when three ordinary schoolboys come into possession of a DVD that suddenly opens a gateway to a parallel universe and one of their sisters, Futaba, ends up getting kidnapped by the aliens on the other side? Well, for one, they discover that their cartoonish bodies basically make them superhumans in the hyper-realistic parallel universe! Even with these superhuman powers will they be able to rescue Futaba and bring her back?

Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island

By Junji Ohno, Yatate Hajime & Yoshiyuki Tomino
Debut Date: October 2024

Cucuruz Doan, former Zeon mobile suit squad leader has deserted his squad, opting to take up residence on a small island to help raise a number of orphaned children. What about the other members of his squad?

While the original story was told from Amuro Ray’s perspective, this new limited series goes beyond the original television episode to explore the consequences of Doan’s actions, bringing us a new complex view of the events.

Honeko Akabane’s Bodyguards

By Masamitsu Nigatsu
Debut Date: January 2025

One day, Arakuni Ibuki suddenly learns that his childhood friend and fellow classmate in 3-4 at Sosoji High School, Honeko Akabane, is being targeted by assassins. Ibuki is immediately tasked to protect Akabane for one entire year and to ensure that she graduates safely, all without her realizing it! However, there seems to be more secrets within the so-called “Class 3-4”…?!


By Chiyo
Debut Date: January 2025

Amelie Kurosaki is your average high school student—or so she seems on the surface. She tries to do everything she can do to not stand out, and she even has a secret crush on her delinquent classmate, Paco, who she’s always fighting with. Amelie’s secret crush isn’t the only thing she is hiding though… she’s actually a vampire who’s forbidden to fall in love with humans! What happens though when Amelie’s secret identity is revealed right in front of Paco?

Dogs and Punching Bags

By Kaori Ozaki
Debut Date: January 2025

“From Kaori Ozaki, author of the gods lie. and The Golden Sheep, comes another touching exploration of love, family, and belonging.”

34-year-old Nichiko leaves her isolated life in Tokyo, returns to her even more isolated hometown on a remote island to be with her estranged alcoholic father in his final days. There she meets Chimaki, an eccentric and enthusiastic young man full of life, who stirs up old memories and feelings Nichiko thought she had once thrown away long ago. Chimaki’s almost obsessive need to rescue people and animals seems to be compensating for a hidden unspeakable past.

Love on the Horizon

By Machi Yamashita
Debut Date: January 2025

Nagi Kitagawa, an art university student, is hopelessly in love with Yuu Yamasaki, his senpai in the folk song club… and his next door neighbor. The super popular and handsome Yuu seems to have it all going right for him, so Nagi can’t help but think he’d never fall for a shy, innocent country bumpkin like him.

One night, after drinking a bit too much at one of their club gatherings, Nagi helps a drunk Yuu get home safe… but before Nagi can go back to his own apartment, Yuu traps Nagi by wrapping Nagi in his embrace as he falls asleep. Nagi manages to sneak out the next morning, carefully not waking Yuu up, and vows to himself to keep this little incident a secret. As Nagi finds himself growing closer and closer to Yuu, though, his unrequited feelings only grow stronger… Is there a chance for Nagi that his seemingly one-sided feelings might not actually be unrequited?


By Kaiji Kawaguchi and Nobuyuki Fukumoto
Debut Date: December 2024

Hikers and close friends Asai and Ishikura are on hike up Mt. Owari when they are hit by a blizzard and lose their way, at least two miles away from any potential help. When disaster strikes Ishikura is severely injured, and sure of his imminent death he confesses to Asai that he killed a member of their university hiking club five years ago. With tension rising after this shocking confession, Asai manages to stumble upon a secluded shelter, only to realize that this shocking confession has forever changed their relationship. Along with this comes the realization that the elements may no longer be the most deadly threat around in this secluded shelter…

Shimazaki in the Land of Peace

By Gouten Hamada; Illustrated by Takeshi Seshimo
Debut Date: November 2024

Shingo Shimazaki, after surviving a terrorist incident as a child, was forced to join the League for Economic Liberations’ revolutionary army. Thirty years later, he’s back in Japan and struggling to assimilate to a normal life again. While his Japanese may be awkward, and his grasp of ordinary tasks a little weak, he still has all the combat and surveillance training of a green beret. Many kindhearted souls are still out there who want to help him… but there are also still a few not so kind ones who will do anything to stop him.


By Makoto Shinkai; Adapted by Denki Amashima
Debut Date: September 2024

“All-new adaptation of the Golden Globes-nominated worldwide hit directed by Makoto Shinkai, creator of Your Name and Weathering with You!”

High school junior Suzume has no idea why the beautiful stranger, Souta, she meets is looking for ruins — for a certain door. Shortly after she points this stranger, Souta, in the direction of an old, abandoned resort, she thinks better of it and goes to try and stop him. As she is trying to find Souta, though, Suzume unknowingly opens a door to a world beyond time and place—and stumbles into an adventure of seismic proportions. 

Ajin (3-in-1 Omnibus Edition)

By Gamon Sakurai
Debut Date: October 2024

This new edition of Ajin will be compiled in a 3-in-1 omnibus format!

High school student Kei Nagai is suddenly killed in a traffic accident, only to immediately revive and discover that he is not actually human at all! Kei is actually Demi-Human, a mysterious almost immortal being blessed with amazing super-human abilities that is heavily feared and discriminated against by society. Scared, and knowing he is in immediate danger, he runs away aided in his escape from society by his friend Kai. Unfortunately for Kei, the manhunt is now on and he will soon be dragged into a conflict between Demi-Humans and the rest of humankind as they prepare to fight for global supremacy.

S (Paperback Edition)

By Koji Suzuki
Debut Date: October 2024

Now in a modern age of computers and the internet, the Sadako virus is revitalized and is potentially even more dangerous. Combining classic Japanese horror and modern themes.

Senpai Is an Otokonoko: My Crossdressing Classmate

By Pom
Debut Date: April 2025

A poignant, sweet romantic comedy about gender nonconformity and the love triangle between a ditzy girl, the cross-dressing boy she likes, and his best friend! The manga that inspired the anime coming this July!

First-year high school student Saki Aoi can’t help but find herself head-over-heels for her senpai, Makoto Hanaoka. After all, Hanaoka-senpai is tall, beautiful, and oh-so-cool—who wouldn’t fall for a girl like her? Saki, with her bright and bubbly personality, doesn’t hesitate to confess her feelings. However, Makoto turns her down, saying that they’re not the person Saki thinks they are—because Makoto isn’t a girl, but rather a cross-dressing boy!

Second-year Makoto Hanaoka is used to the negatives that come with his love of cross-dressing—including the harsh gossip from his classmates, as well as the disapproval from his mother at home. After revealing his well-known secret to Saki, he expects her to be disgusted. But Saki’s feelings only grow stronger, and she doesn’t care what Makoto’s gender is—in fact, she’s determined to win him over!

Ryuji Taiga hears what his other classmates have to say about his cross-dressing best friend, Makoto—and has no problem coming to his defense.  So when Ryuji finds out a first-year has a crush on him, he can’t help but be wary of her intentions. Not only that, but Ryuji has his own conflicting feelings about Makoto, which may run deeper than friendship…


Fall In Love, You False Angels

By Coco Uzuki
Debut Date: February 2025

All sugar, no spice — that’s the impression the beautiful first-year high schooler, Otogi Katsura, gives to those around her. In reality, Otogi is brash, assertive, and has no problem calling out jerks, which is the complete opposite of Toki Ninomae, her soft spoken vice presidential counterpart.

When a group of boys try to hit on Otogi at the train station, she decides not to hold back and gives them a piece of her mind, only to find that Toki seemingly enjoys seeing this side of her. Not only that, it turns out the seemingly well-put-together vice president has a hidden side of his own… and Otogi now finds him more attractive than ever! As the distance between the two gradually closes, Otogi and Toki agree to keep their hidden sides a secret from the rest of their classmates!

I Want to Love You Till Your Dying Day

By Nachi Aono
Debut Date: February 2025

Sheena lives in a mysterious orphanage where death is nothing new to its residents. All of the girls living here no longer have families of their own are now raised as weapons of war, taught to kill and take the lives without ever batting an eye. In this home, and with this life, Sheena wishes for nothing more than the growing conflict around her to end.

On the night of her roommate’s death, Sheena meets a strange girl she had never seen before covered in blood. Some how this girl stands there and smiles despite all the trauma and turmoil surrounding them. The next day, this strange girl is introduced in class as Mimi, a new student in Sheena’s class. With Mimi’s introduction comes whispers from the girls of an old school myth that Mimi, now walking the orphanage’s halls, is it’s secret weapon—an immortal who cannot die. When Mimi is later assigned as Sheena’s new roommate, Sheena’s world grows even more complicated when she begins living with someone who loves and welcomes death, when all Sheena wants to do is stop it…

Blue Lock Season 1, Part 1 Manga Box Set

Story by Muneyuki Kaneshiro; Art by Yusuke Nomura
Debut Date: October 2024

“The cutthroat battle to become Japan’s top striker kicks off in this premium box set of the hit soccer manga that inspired the anime!”

Includes volumes 1-6 of the Blue Lock manga and an exclusive double-sided poster.

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi 1 + Exclusive Q Posket Figure

By Kota Sannomiya; Created by Muneyuki Kaneshiro; Character designs by Yusuke Nomura
Debut Date: October 2024

“Score big with this bundle of volume 1 of the spin-off of epic soccer manga Blue Lock and an exclusive Q Posket figure of reluctant prodigy Seishiro Nagi, all in a special box perfect for gifting!”

Includes Volume 1 of Blue Lock: Episode Nagi and a full-size Q Posket figure of Seishiro Nagi based on the Blue Lock: Episode Nagi anime film.

Fire Force Manga Box Set 2

By Atsushi Ohkubo
Debut Date: December 2024

“Dive feet-first into the world of devil-fighting firefighters with this box set edition of the hit manga from the creator of Soul Eater! You loved the anime—now blaze through the manga that inspired it all!”

Includes Vol. 7-11 of the Fire Force manga and an exclusive double-sided poster.

Hitorijime My Hero Manga Box Set 2

By Memeco Arii
Debut Date: October 2024

“Collect the BL manga that inspired the hit anime in a premium, six-volume box set, including an exclusive bonus booklet featuring newly-translated manga and illustrations!”

This rigid, collector-quality box set, featuring exclusive box art that lines up with box set #1 on the shelf, includes Vol. 7-12 of the Hitorijime My Hero manga, plus a 100-page bonus booklet featuring exclusive color art, a Japanese color art gallery, and newly-translated short stories.

And that wraps up our coverage of Kodansha’s announcements from Sakura-Con ’24! What are your thoughts on the titles that got announced? As always you can feel free to leave comments and let us know.

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