FIANLY I could get near Star Wars where the big  news is STAR WARS COMMAND, essentially a LINE OF STAR WARS TOY SOLDIERS. As in a big bag of storm troopers or whatever. I would totally love to trip over these late at night as I went to the toilet.




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The other big big Star Wars news, leading into the new movie, is Star Wars Rebels, a new cartoon airing on Disney XD this fall. It’s set between episodes III and IV and follows a ragtag gang of rebels—the crew of the space ship Ghost—who fight the Empire. The main bad guy is called The Inquisitor, above. Greg Weisman is involved so that’s promising.




I could not get enough of these Star Wars toy soldiers!




Random shot of some legacy Marvel action figures. Jack Kirby and Herb Trimpe FTW.



On to My Little Pony! You will be able to buy various pony parts and make your own ponies.



You will be able to buy hats and backpacks.



And ponies.



This new line focuses on extreme HAIR for the ponies.



Here is the best pony of all, one wearing a mustache mask, even though mustaches are so 2013.



I repeat, MY LITTLE PONY IN A MUSTACHE MASK. And high heels!



  1. 1) The mix-and-match Marvel transporter malfunction toys:

    2) Star Wars Rebels:
    Female Mandalorian named Sabine. (Me, I thought it would have been cool if Jango Fett, and by cloning Boba, had been female. Which would have made the clone troopers female…)

    3) Oh, yeah, girls love the Secret Agent meme! My nieces took their Barbies, mixed it with my Big Jim command center airplane, and concocted a Charlie’s Angels story! It’s not too surprising… you get to be someone else, you are expert in martial arts and all sorts of other brainy things, you get to manipulate bad guys, you have a secret nobody else knows about…

    Disney, why didn’t you make a Gallagher Girls movie? (Elevator pitch: a snooty private girls school is actually a training academy for female secret agents.) At least Lionsgate is making “Heist Society”. (Go google “Ally Carter”.)

  2. Almost forgot…
    Regarding the Jeffrey Brown Star Wars marketing:

    Darth Vader and Son Maquette Box Set with Exclusive Special Edition Darth Vader and Son Book Release!
    Limited Edition, hand-numbered collectible maquette. Comes with an exclusive edition of Darth Vader and Son book.
    • 16-page signature with the original black & white concept sketches from Jeffrey Brown! These sketches have not been released to the public until now, and are exclusive to this boxed set.
    • A new full color illustration from Jeffrey Brown printed on board and packaged in a vellum sleeve.
    • The book cover and spine will be printed with color foil stamps and spot gloss varnish.

    Same for “Darth Vader’s Little Princess Maquette Box Set with Exclusive Special Edition Darth Vader’s Little Princess Book Release!”

    I believe there is also a complete set… ah… there was a bundle, but that expired in January.

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