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Star Wars! How long before they make Jeffrey Brown Star Wars toys?



It’s a big year for Play-Doh! You can make dresses…



And Play-Doh Cake Mountain! But do not eat the cake made from Play-Doh! It is not edible.



Furby is still around, now controlled by an iPad app, and with a new generation of small vulnerable babies called Furblings.






The Furblings also come in teeny tiny plastic versions.



I was entranced by this line of girl’s Nerf action toys called Rebell which debuted last year. Seemingly inspired by the Hunger Games/Brave girl archer era, it has now expanded into a new line of “Spy” themed accessories and weapons. The main bow sold over 1 million units last year. The art was all about girls with guns in danger poses, but smiling.





I would SURE LOVE TO READ THE REST of this Global Brand study! Anyway, science has apparently found out that girls like to shoot each other with Nerf arrows, and they enjoy pretending to be spies. Do they ever pretend to be astronauts, cowboys,  knights, cops or superheroes? We’ll just have to wait and see.



Luckily, many girls also enjoy nursing a baby panda back to health.



And cute little plastic pets.




  1. 1) The mix-and-match Marvel transporter malfunction toys:

    2) Star Wars Rebels:
    Female Mandalorian named Sabine. (Me, I thought it would have been cool if Jango Fett, and by cloning Boba, had been female. Which would have made the clone troopers female…)

    3) Oh, yeah, girls love the Secret Agent meme! My nieces took their Barbies, mixed it with my Big Jim command center airplane, and concocted a Charlie’s Angels story! It’s not too surprising… you get to be someone else, you are expert in martial arts and all sorts of other brainy things, you get to manipulate bad guys, you have a secret nobody else knows about…

    Disney, why didn’t you make a Gallagher Girls movie? (Elevator pitch: a snooty private girls school is actually a training academy for female secret agents.) At least Lionsgate is making “Heist Society”. (Go google “Ally Carter”.)

  2. Almost forgot…
    Regarding the Jeffrey Brown Star Wars marketing:

    Darth Vader and Son Maquette Box Set with Exclusive Special Edition Darth Vader and Son Book Release!
    Limited Edition, hand-numbered collectible maquette. Comes with an exclusive edition of Darth Vader and Son book.
    • 16-page signature with the original black & white concept sketches from Jeffrey Brown! These sketches have not been released to the public until now, and are exclusive to this boxed set.
    • A new full color illustration from Jeffrey Brown printed on board and packaged in a vellum sleeve.
    • The book cover and spine will be printed with color foil stamps and spot gloss varnish.

    Same for “Darth Vader’s Little Princess Maquette Box Set with Exclusive Special Edition Darth Vader’s Little Princess Book Release!”

    I believe there is also a complete set… ah… there was a bundle, but that expired in January.

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