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The Marvel Rundown: BLACK CAT #1 steals the spotlight

The Marvel Rundown crew discusses BLACK CAT #1 and the latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Annual!

AVENGERS: What Happens Now That the ENDGAME is Over? (SPOILERS!)

A look at every single actor that made it through ENDGAME... plus a few who didn't

What did you think of AVENGERS: ENDGAME? (spoilers within!)

Now that AVENGERS: ENDGAME is finally here, let's have a full blown spoiler-filled discussion about the film and your thoughts on it!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Cartoon Gets Animation Makeover for Black Vortex...

The Guardians find their inner Tex Avery and more animation styles!

What We Can Expect from Marvel Studios (and Fox/Marvel) in Phase...

Everything is set to change after Avengers: Endgame but when will a schedule for releases be announced?

The Marvel Rundown: A New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Team Rises

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw revitalize Marvel's premiere cosmic team, plus Cyclops returns to the land of the living, and Marvel revisits their horror roots.

The Marvel Rundown: Do the finales of INFINITY WARS and SPIDER-GEDDON...

We've got reviews of the two big Marvel event finales this week, plus we check in on the West Coast Avengers!

The End is Near: AVENGERS 4 Trailer Promises Heartbreak, Vengeance

Good morning, true believers! Are your knees weak? Your arms heavy? Your heart pounding with the force of a linebacker's tackle on Superbowl Sunday?...

Marvel Welcomes New Guardians of the Galaxy Team with GOTG-Themed Variants

The 13 covers will showcase members of the new team across Marvel's January-shipping books.

Celebrating Fifty Years Of Guarding The Galaxy

The Guardians Of The Galaxy debuted fifty years ago today in Marvel Super-Heroes #18, though they bear little resemblance to today's team. Maybe you'd...

Check Out the Very New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Lineup

The comic is set to relaunch in January 2019 with a new #1 issue from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw.

James Gunn in Talks to Write, Possibly Direct SUICIDE SQUAD 2

The former Guardians of the Galaxy director will bring a completely new approach to the DC franchise, according to reports.