Archie have announced that Alex Segura has rejoined their company as Senior Vice-President for Publicity and Marketing… as well as in a new role as editor for the Red Circle line of superhero titles. He moves to Archie from DC Comics.


A well-liked – he’s always been nice to me – publicist, Segura has made this move before. A few years back he moved from DC Comics to Archie, before returning to DC a few years later. And now he’s headed back to Archie, perhaps as a result of their imminent move to LA next year or maybe just because he missed Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In his new role, he joins Steven Scott – who has also always been nice to me – as part of Archie’s PR department.

At the same time, he’s also now been announced as editor for the Archie superheroes – a role which will include talent outreach as well as handling the books themselves. Everybody send him your pitches!  In the press release, he says:

I couldn’t be happier to be back in Riverdale. Not only will I have the chance to get people talking about Archie, Jughead and the entire gang — characters I grew up reading — but I’ll also get to have a hand in revamping some of the coolest superhero characters ever created with Red Circle. I’m very thankful to Jon Goldwater for the opportunity. I can’t wait to reconnect with some old friends and get to work.

If you remember his last stint at Archie – where he wrote a few comics too, I believe – you’ll be aware that this is great news for the company.


  1. Good move. I like Alex a lot, Steven is terrific, too. The WHOLE Archie staff is rad starting at the top with Jon Goldwater, Mike Pellerito and don’t get me started about Victor Gorelick, one of comics’ great treasures! Excuse my unabashed enthusiasm, but these are terrific people to work with and I’m never shy about saying so.

  2. While I am really on board on the various ways the Archie characters could be reinterpreted to echo their success with the Zombie series, he ‘ll have to do something radical to revive the Red Circle heroes. DC & Marvel own superheroes these days and their anemic approaches are slowly killing the market for them. Best of luck, though, and I’ll be watching!

  3. Radical?
    How about Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel writing “The Fox”?

    (Although the Red Circle comics should have a space on the home page…)

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