Archie Comics has been adding new characters to the Riverdale gang for the past few years, and in April readers will meet the most fast and furious new character yet. The Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing one-shot will feature classic-style Archie stories centered around racing, with a new story introducing Southside Serpent racer Daisy Thunder. The story is written by Craig Boldman, pencilled by Steven Butler, inked by Lily Butler, colored by Glenn Whitmore, and lettered by Jack Morelli. The Butlers and colorist Rosario “Tito” Peña provide the main cover for the issue.

Here’s how Archie describes “The Race to Save Face,” the new story featured in Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing:

A BRAND-NEW STORY kicks off this NEED FOR SPEED issue! In “The Race to Save Face,” the first appearance of Daisy Thunder of the Southside Serpents, Daisy challenges Archie and his crew to a charity race throughout the Riverdale. Can Archie prove that his souped-up jalopy can best Daisy’s hot wheels? All that plus more racing fun!

Writer Craig Boldman provided The Beat with some more background on Daisy ahead of her debut. “Daisy Thunder is a childhood friend of the Riverdale gang — or should we say frenemy? — who moved away when they were very young,” Boldman explained. “Now she’s back! In the intervening years, she’s had an amazing life, owing to her father’s career as a globe-hopping professional racecar driver. He’s ready to settle down and enjoy a slower pace, but it turns out Daisy’s not wired that way.” 

Cars have always played an important role in the Archie universe, with Archie’s old jalopy making its first appearance in Pep Comics #25, just three issues after Archie and the rest of the gang. It makes perfect sense that racing would follow suit, and Daisy Thunder seems a natural fit alongside the rest of the Riverdale crew.

Check out the Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing one-shot when it arrives in stores and digitally on Wednesday, April 3rd.