Last month, Archie Comics announced Archie Comics: Judgment Day, a new three-issue horror miniseries from the creative team of writer Aubrey Sitterson, artist Megan Hutchison, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Jack Morelli. The second issue of the series, in which Archie Andrews squaring off against demonic versions of his familiar supporting cast, is set to arrive in June, and today The Beat is pleased to offer an exclusive first look at the solicit text and all the covers for the issue.

Main cover to Archie Comics: Judgment Day by Megan Hutchison
Main cover by Megan Hutchison

Here’s how Archie describes Archie Comics: Judgment Day #2:

The epic Archie Horror event continues, as does Archie’s quest. Jughead’s trying his best to act as Archie’s conscience and voice of reason, but with so many people once familiar and even beloved to Archie turning into demonic monstrosities, can Archie maintain his grip? Maybe if Jughead gets more people on his side, they can talk some sense into him—are Betty and Veronica up to the task of bringing back the Archie they know and love from Alistair’s grasp?

Along with a main cover by Hutchison, Archie Comics: Judgment Day #2 will sport variant covers by Francesco FrancavillaInHyuk Lee, and Reiko Murakami.

Variant cover by Francesco Francavilla

“We aren’t pulling any punches on this one,” writer Aubrey Sitterson told The Beat. “Archie Comics: Judgment Day is built around the presentation of stunning spreads that incentivize and reward careful study and rumination. It’s a book to read slowly and in print to fully appreciate what everyone involved has taken such deliberate care to produce, inclusive of the new Archie Premium Event format. If you read Jed Dougherty’s and my Archie vs. The World, you might have a bit of an idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

Variant cover by InHyuk Lee

“The second issue of Archie Comics: Judgment Day raises the stakes higher than before – if you can even believe that’s possible,” added Archie Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. “As more and more demons consume Riverdale, Archie faces tougher and tougher battles – and he still hasn’t seen everything yet. You won’t want to miss this jaw-dropping penultimate issue!”

For artist Megan Hutchison, those raised stakes make the series a unique and exciting experience. “As a longtime Archie fan, I will say there’s something very satisfying about taking characters you love and smashing them apart,” She said. “For new Archie fans — Yes! Welcome! Get ready for the gore. You’re going to be involved with characters in a new world that will haunt you and will leave you wanting more. And don’t get attached to anyone.”

Variant cover by Reiko Murakami

Look for Archie Comics: Judgment Day #2 (of 3) to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, June 19th.


  1. I grew up on the family-friendly Archie, and I love the new ways they have expanded the mythos, but I wonder, would Archie Comics be just as relevant as they are today if they did not learn into horror?

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