Next week Archie Comics will release this year’s Archie Christmas Spectacular one-shot. Billed as “The Official Comic Book of Christmas,” the one-shot features a new story, “Christmas Chaos,” which introduces new characters Jangles and Sourplum, ‘naughty’ versions of beloved Archie holiday characters Jingles the Elf and Sugarplum, as well as their boss, Grumpus. Today The Beat is pleased to offer an early look at the new story.

Here’s how Archie Comics describes the issue’s new tale, which is written by Tom DeFalco, pencilled by Holly G!, inked by Jim Amash, colored by Glenn Whitmore, and lettered by Jack Morelli:

BRAND NEW STORY: “Christmas Chaos!” Christmas goes from nice to naughty for Archie and his friends when Jingles and Sugarplum are replaced by their bizzarro counterparts Jangles and Sourplum and a cranky ol’ version of Santa called Grumpus! All that plus more holiday hijinks!

“The very first story I was asked to pencil when [Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief] Mike Pellerito invited me back into the Archie family was a Christmas story,” artist Holly G! told The Beat, “So this was a full circle of something magical.” 

“Like most Archie readers, I have always been a fan of Jingles–and later Sugar Plum–and looked forward to seeing their annual visits,” added writer Tom DeFalco. “I can’t express how thrilled I was to help introduce (along with Holly G! who did a fantastic job of designing them) Jangles and Sourplum, who are the mischievous counterparts to everyone’s favorite Christmas Brownies. We also had a chance to revisit the Eyegor Estate and look in on a master villain who has been secretly plaguing Archie ever since he accidentally stumbled into the Topsy Turvey. Here’s hoping these new characters prove popular enough that Holly and I will have the opportunity to bring them back next year!”

“I love working with Tom’s scripts on soooo many levels,” Holly G! continued. “The pacing, the character interaction, a story that has comedic, dramatic, and classic vibes… and this time, new characters! He created the Archie Universe version of Krampus and some wonderfully wicked elves, and it was SO up my alley to design them! First off, I’m an adult that STILL believes in Santa, so to design Grumpus, his darker counterpart, is a SQWEE! And I gave a bit of a Gothy edge to his naughty brownies, Sourplum and Jangles. OH, and I hid an Easter egg as a tribute to my first story with Tom, “PieGuy.” Sooo if you read that story, I’ll bet you’ll find it!”

Along with the preview of the new story, Archie has also provided a complete look at one of the other holiday-themed tales being reprinted in the one-shot. That story, “All Wrapped Up,” stars Betty and Veronica, with Jingles, Sugarplum, and Noelle included for extra-merriment. The story, originally published in last year’s Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #309, comes from the creative team of writer/penciller Dan Parent, inker Bob Smith, colorist Whitmore, and letterer Morelli.

Check out the preview, as well as the full reprint story, for the Archie Christmas Spectacular one-shot. The comic, which sports a cover by Francis BonnetSteven Butler, and Lily Butler, is due out in stores and digitally next Wednesday, December 6th.