Skybound announced today the launch of Skybound Japan, a division that will focus on Japanese IP within the Japanese Entertainment industry and hopefully foster collaboration between two distinct creative forces. Acknowledging the strength of the Japanese market when it comes to anime, manga, games, and more, Skybound has been taking steps over the past year. After their investment in Remow, a global anime distributor founded by the leading Japanese publisher Shueisha, a partnership with Fuji TV followed.

Home to the many fan-favorite and well-known franchises, Skybound Entertainment was founded by Robert Kirkman and David Alpert. It’s a multi-platform company that’s produced hits in many different media forms that ranges from comics to gaming, films to television series. You would most definitely know them from The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Impact Winter; all acclaimed comics that got their successful TV series adaptations.


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Skybound Japan


Bandai Namco Group’s Ash Nukui will lead Skybound Japan. He previously directed The Sniffer, a TV mini series, and Memoir of A Teenage Amnesiac, a film that weaves drama and romance. Nukui is said to have knowledge of both the local and the international entertainment landscapes, and under his supervision the division will be seeking collaboration with local talents, studios, and creators in general. Their aim is to bring diverse and relevant content to be enjoyed by people all over the world.

Skybound Japan’s very first project, Heart Attack, will be done in collaboration with Fuji TV. Heart Attack is an original graphic novel series with known names behind it; penned by Shawn Kittelsen (Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat) and illustrated by Eric Zawadzki (House of El). In Skybound’s words Heart Attack as:

“The electrifying sci-fi television series explores a post-pandemic world where gene therapy has saved the human race from disease—only to give birth to Variants: people with powers so unique, the government denies their human rights.”

Rick Jacobs, Managing Partner of Linear Content at Skybound Entertainment, further states that

“We are incredibly excited to launch Skybound Japan and partner with some of the greatest creators in the world. As lifelong fans of Japanese content, the opportunity to help bring these stories to life in live action and anime is a dream come true. The adaptation of Heart Attack is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in the Japanese market.” 

What are your thoughts on Skybound’s new project Skybound Japan, branching into the lucrative and ever-so-popular Japanese entertainment market? Let us know in the comments!