SDCC13: Watchtower Thursday

How many have you read?

Okay… here’s a sampling of what’s been being fed through the newswires today from the Comic-Carnival in San Diego…

SDCC13: Watchtower: Road Trip!


Henry “Hemi” Barajas gave you the particulars on the DC/KIA Justice League Sorento custom design, but there are many more Comic-Con car events happening!

SDCC ’13: It’s Venom Vs Superior Spider-Man in ‘Darkest Hours’


The Spider-Man panel is currently underway at SDCC, with Steve Wacker, Humberto Ramos, Christos Gage, Chris Yost, Kevin Shinick, Nick Spencer, Chris Samnee and James Robinson all up at the table. There’s a few bits of news to bring you from there – including the news that year 2 of Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man series will […]

SDCC13: The Chris Samnee Spotlight Panel

chris samnee

By David Nieves Amidst his first special-guest-of Comic Con appearance, the opening day of SDCC held Chris Samnee’s first spotlight panel. Jovially introduced by his Daredevil partner and moderator Mark Waid, Chris talked about his influences and beginnings, and answered some questions from fans.

SDCC #13: DC Digital’s Panel – Scooby Doo, Pia Guerra, Vampire Diaries, and Teen Titans


DC’s digital comics have been receiving a lot of praise recently, and their new announcements at SDCC have shown an increased focus in digital-first comics. At the DC Digital panel today they announced a number of books and stories – from Wonder Woman appearing in Smallville Season 11 through to a Batman & Robin/Scooby Doo […]

SDCC13: Marvel’s House of Ideas Isn’t Just Made of Cards

House of Ideas

By David Nieves Arune Singh, Ryan Penagos (Agent M), TQ Jefferson, Brian Michael Bendis, Axel Alonso, Ron Perazza and C.B. Cebulski talked to fans about Marvel Comics in the digital age showing why they are the House of Ideas.

Podcast Alert: More to Come San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Special: Thursday


The More to Come Crew is at it with our San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Special: Thursday: In the Thursday edition of More To Come’s 2013 San Diego Comic-Con special coverage, Heidi interviews David Peterson, creator of Mouse Guard discusses the Archaia merger and what’s coming for Mouse Guard, Jimmy Robinson discusses his long history with […]

SDCC ’13: Photo parade – the Godzilla Experience is a knockout


Legendary Pictures has gone kaiju-crazy. With a Godzilla remake in the works, for ComicCon they’ve set up The Godzilla Experience, an interactive environment and brief adventure which will have you imagining what it’s like to flee a giant monster. None of the imagery is based on the NEW Godzilla, but for fans of the old […]

Rob Liefeld and Gina Carano are Pitching an Avengelyne Movie


Many have wondered why exactly the pre-con presses said that Rob Liefeld and actress Gina Carano would be at San Diego together – but now it appears we have an answer. Borys Kit at the Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the pair are planning on taking Liefeld’s Avengelyne character and retooling the property into a […]

SDCC ’13: The Party List for Comics People


Dreaming over all those swanky parties where you can watch the guy from Catfish fall over drunk? Well, dream on. The bouncers at the Hard Rock are blag proof. Luckily there are awesome rooftop parties and events for comics folks, too! *** Today, Thursday 5-7: Comixology’s Blank Slate event! A two-hour charity event celebrating creators […]

Ghost to become Ongoing Series with DeConnick, Sebela, and Sook


CBR have an announcement interview which reveals that Ghost – the Dark Horse superhero revived recently by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto – will be returning for a new ongoing series. On the book, they’ll be joined by new interior artist Ryan Sook as well as co-writer Christopher Sebela.

SDCC ’13: DC Entertainment and Kia Motors Press Conference


Last year DC Entertainment launched the non-profit charity “We Can Be Heroes” and devoted 2012 to raising awareness for the cause, and this year they have raised $285,000 through crowd funding and various events for the charity. A press conference to talk about the campaign was located across the street from the convention in the […]

SDCC13: Longbox Tales from Old Con


By Carolina Cooney While the masses of attendees poured in the doors and made their way toward their exclusive of choice (many to be disappointed), I opted to head the opposite direction and work my way towards “Old Town” — the Golden and Silver Age Pavilion.

DC head Diane Nelson dishes on Tsujihara, Sandman, Wonder Woman


Just as Comic-Con kicked off, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson did an extremely rare interview with The Hollywood Reporter. You’ll want to pore over every word if you’re a DC Kreminlinologist, especially on the new hierarchy at Warner Bros—on new studio head Kevin Tsujihara “So now that I’m working solely for him, reporting to him, […]

SDCC13: DC Shows Off a Stellar Collectibles Collection


By Nicholas Eskey DC Comics has some exciting things in the works for their toy line, which they revealed to the press in a swanky room at the Marriott Hotel adjacent to the Convention Center.

Fantagraphics to Publish an Eleanor Davis Collection in 2014


As revealed today by Tom Spurgeon on The Comics Reporter, Fantagraphics will be publishing a collection of short stories from Eleanor Davis into a book for 2014 release.